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If only EVERY author decided to charge even a few cents for every book they have on sale, how long would it take to persuade the reading public not to expect free books? Can you think of anything else people expect for free?

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Guest post by Rose Montague, writer of Urban Fantasy/Young Adult books with a lot of humour and just a touch of romance.
Rose has worked both in a library as well as several bookstores. She lives in Elon, NC.


It started with a bit of a rant with my post on Facebook:

“Free, Free, Free…

I see it in my emails, on twitter, on my Facebook newsfeed, 20 free books, 400 books at 99 cents, sign up and get free books, enter to win 47 free books, 36 authors giving away eBooks at this event. I’m not participating, sorry.

How about a fun read at a reasonable price? That sounds like a good plan to me.”

Thirty minutes later, I added this in a second post:

“I’m thinking about doing an event called OUR BOOKS ARE NOT FREE.

No giveaways, no prizes, no incentives other than meeting authors and…

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FREE continuing promotion right under your nose …

This was definitely worth a reblog. I’d not thought of reposting old interviews etc. Great idea. 🙂

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READERS will also find this interesting (and they can *see below how they may help), but …

This post is mainly for all you angst-ridden authors out there who moan and groan about how little promotion and publicity you receive for the books you publish. Yes, it’s true, there are definitely fewer outlets reviewing books or interviewing authors. So what are we supposed to do to get the word out and attract new readers to our work?

I have a cunning plan!

When I ePublished my first novel, I received “some” attention (i.e. Not a lot …) for my efforts, but I carried on regardless and continued to promote other authors, as well as my own books, through my business Alberta Books Canada. Then I moved back to the Caribbean and become much more involved in the online writing community, especially with regards to indie authors around the world who…

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We were still reeling from the sheer size of the Gold Buddha, these are a few pictures of the exterior of the building it’s housed in. Pure gold, can you imagine? You might expect it to be surrounded by armed guards, trip wires, mine fields and so on, but although it was out of reach on a huge platform, no one could lift it or remove it easily – even if it wasn’t a sacred monument.

A picture of the exterior of the building and the ceiling inside.

The Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) is a Khmer style Buddhist temple on the west banmk of the Chao Phraya River and we went to Wat Po, the largest and oldest temple in Bankok also known as the birthplace of the traditional Thai massage.

The afternoon was spent at the Royal Grand Palace, the official residence of the kings of Siam (now Thailand) which is in the historic centre of the city since 1782.  The king and his court lived there until 1925. It was quite sparse inside, but interesting.

More pics of this next time.


Now I forgot to mention that Victoria, deprived of her favourite Lord M, was ripe for the picking and sneaky Albert had been well coached in her likes and dislikes and was ready to ingratiate himself.


To begin with he pretended to like dancing (he didn’t), he lied and told her he liked staying up late (he preferred early nights) and he was full of fun (he was a boring, lack lustre old fart).  But of course the stupid queen fell for him and the rest, as they say is history.

Stay safe till next week.


We landed in Bangkok on 2nd February. Honestly their idea of a 3 star rating hotel would equal about 15 star in Europe, it was amazing. Once again we were upgraded to a deluxe suite, not sure why, but we were not going to complain.

Our guide took us to the following places and I’m not sure now which is which. Yes I’m ashamed to admit it but I didn’t want to spend all my time writing stuff down as I had in the past, but use my eyes to wonder, gape, drool and take it all in. There was so much to see, so many details, and we moved at such a fast pace to get it all in that it would be either the pictures or the script, and the photos won. We visited Wat Traimit, Wat Arun (Dawn Temple) and Wat Po.

Wat Traimit is the temple of the golden Buddha, famous for its 900 year old five and a half ton solid gold image of the Buddha. This week I am just going to post ONLY pictures of this as it just takes your breath away.

It was impossible to get it all in in one shot. I just love the one where they are working on the feet, using Mother of Pearl, as the man was showing us.


Now I could write a book about Queen Victoria, but I don’t like her enough and I would probably be very rude. Before Christmas I left her slobbering over Lord Melbourne, but her Uncle Leopold (the Belgium king who annexed the Belgian Congo as an extension to his back garden) and various other members of the family had other ideas. this is his photo.leopold-of-belgium

Of course they wanted to bring in a German suitor on the excuse that he would be Protestant and not a Catholic. (Frankly by now I’m sure Henry VIII wouldn’t have minded too much). Enter Albert (yeuk), the one with no sense of humour and every intention of being king.

This time he did the slobbering to get the young queen’s attention and it wasn’t too long before they were an item, frequently seen at the local bowling alley on a Friday night.

Till next week, stay safe.



I really had promised myself that 2017 was the year I was going to be brave, but here we are on the second of the month and already I can’t crack it. You see I was going to look back and check out last year’s New Year resolutions and then comment on how well I did or didn’t do – but I just can’t face it. I’m going to pretend I didn’t make any, though becoming a New York Times bestselling author is niggling at the back of my mind – that didn’t happen. Nor did the film offer from Hollywood materialize, so disappointing. I was looking forward to sitting by some famous swimming pool with household name stars drooling over me. The only thing that drooled over me was the neighbour’s Labrador.


I read a million blogs/pieces of advice/how to do stuff last year and they all tell me to stay positive. So I am going to look on the bright side. There were certainly some highlights in 2016 and hey, as of this moment I’ve still got 2 legs and 2 arms, a roof over my head and food in the fridge.


I admit to being very disappointed in Santa this year. I left out no less than 3 mince pies, a whole bottle of wine which cost me E1.57 ($1.50) at Lidl’s and very specific instructions and plans for the room extension I wanted to use as a study so I could lock myself away and write in peace. I had carefully explained that I was struggling to write with the TV on, DH chatting on the cell phone, and Skype calls from the other side of the world. At the very least I thought he might have dropped off a pair of headphones if he didn’t have space for a new room on the sleigh – I was prepared to understand his limitations. But no, he left me some deodorant, an orange (which looks suspiciously like those on the tree outside),orange-tree

and a large bar of chocolate with several squares missing. I’m trying to read some message into all this, is he trying to tell me something? Would he be suggesting that I give it all up, vegetate on the couch peeling an orange while munching on the chocolate in a cloud of anti-perspirant spray?

So what are my resolutions for 2017? Do I have the courage to make any? I spent many sleepless nights worrying and fretting about this, until I had the Great Idea. I would make some and I would keep them.


Get more followers on my blog – note I’m not specifying any numbers, so if it’s one more at the end of the year, that should be possible.


Grow my mailing list. I feel I can accomplish this if I pounce on a couple of timid strangers in the supermarket, slam them up against the frozen fish counter and say “Give me your email address or else…” while baring my teeth and growling, so that should work as well.


Get my monthly newsletter up and running. This will contain all kinds of interesting and quirky stuff, other writers, readers’ comments and the back stories for Amie and others in the series. This will be exclusively for the newsletter only and not published anywhere else.

There will also be a full in-depth following of the court case as Amie sues me for defamation of character, deprivation of her human rights, murder and a whole host of other complaints. Portions of this will appear on my blog as well.

So, I think that solves the problems, now to get to grips with Mail Chimp (I’d love to strangle that monkey and wipe the smile off his face), and I’m all set for 2017.

Please sign up for my newsletter – you can either send me an email, with YES in the subject line or pm me on my Face Book page, or just look below!.

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I hope 2017 brings you all that you could wish for

with love from me.


I have read and reviewed 140 books this year and to keep track I now list them on a spreadsheet. I’ve chosen 6 biographical and 10 fiction books as those I most remember – those that forced me to ignore the world around me and keep turning the pages. Each one spoke to me, moved me, informed me or delighted me.

I wish there was space for more books, as these are not the only good books I’ve read this year, but simply the ones I remember best. I am in awe of the authors listed below, for their skill, their story telling and the way they wrote about their lives or the tales that flowed from their imagination.


When Angels Fly  by  S Jacksonmy-awards-24

Why? A true sory about the depths that human behaviour can sink to and the indomintible courage shown by the author in rising above it.




Under the Wings of a Good luck Phoenix

by Kathy Dobronyi

Why? I was astounded at the clear headed thinking of a child in Saigon, which left the adults way behind.



Exclusive Pedigree by Robert Fear

Why? Fascinating account of growing up in a strict religious household – it held back on sensationalism, even though famous people were mentioned.




The Stoning of Soraya M  by Freidoune Sahebjam

Why? It made me cry and remember man’s inhumanity to women, a story that needs to be read by everyone.




Good morning Diego Garcia by Susan Joyce

Why? So much of what the author thought and experienced touched my soul.




A Child is Torn by  Dawn Kopman Whidden

Why? A great story with a very good twist at the end, it was a huge surprise.



Bad Blood by Max Power

Why? Stories involving prisoners on death row have always held a morbid fascination for me and it is also an excellent story.




Goddess of undo – Kat Drennan

Why? I’m so aware of Alzheimers disease and this gave me further insight within a very readable story




Toxic Minds  by Gordon Bickerstaff

Why? Because I love the hero Gavin who is quite a coward, just like me! aslo for the scientific information which is really interesting.




The Magus covenant – Toni Pike

Why? I just adore conspiracies about secrets in the Vatican and the story was great fun too.




Pieces by Patrick Heffernan

Why? A good police detective story where team work triumphs over a super hero, who actually becomes ill!




Letting go of Love – M J Keevil

Why? I rarely read love stories, but I enjoyed this one set during World War I highlighting social issues and laws.




A crazy Act in Uganda by John M W Smith

Why? A great story well written with an amazing insight into Africa and its people.




The Seven Year Dress by Paulette Mahurin

Why? Amazing story about a woman who survived the concentration camps, an event we should never forget. This is a book that will stay with me.





It Rains in February by Leila Summers

Why? The true story of a wife who tried to save her husband – it resonated with me especially as it was set in Durban and there were close links to the media as well. A heartfelt story beautifully written.




The Lights went out by Fiona Cooke Hogan

Why? I don’t like books of short stories, I have no idea why I picked it up, but it took my breath away for the sheer beauty of the writing. I just wish I could write like this author. Maybe the fact she is Irish exaplains it all – quite brilliant.



I wish we’d had more time on the hill complex, but we were scheduled to fly out early afternoon to the next destination. Some more pictures as promised.

This group of people walked around the monument 7 times as I understand it and said particular prayers.

I wondered briefly if our guide was less than forthcoming about religious practices in case we were sceptical or disbelieving? I remembered overhearing a guide in St Peter’s in Rome, who was explaining that ‘some people’ believe this was a … pointing to some religious artifact as if she herself was not taken in by such stories, but I suspected she did believe, from the reverence displayed by her body language to the item in question.

This was my second blessing and this time the monk tied the white cotton round my wrist himself.

There were just so any buddhas everywhere, I still hadn’t found out why there were so many.

So, back we go to Victoria, only don’t expect me to be nice about her. The question of her name? Her first name was Alexandrina which I think is lovely, but Mummy wanted Victoria after herself. So Queen Victoria it was. And, there are no prizes for guessing what Victoria called her first daughter – yes, Victoria. So there we have it three generations in a row. I just hope the postman delivered the right parcels and letters to the right person. Could have been nasty, just think what might have happened.


OK, so maybe she was repressed, but she took a shine to Lord Melbourne her Prime Minister – she made him call and see her every day. The man was married, and forty years older than she was, but poor dear (I’ve not gone off her yet), she’d been so starved of company and he flirted with her and she thought he was wonderful – that is, until along came Albert. I dislike Albert almost as much as I dislike Victoria, but you guessed that didn’t you?

Next week, the books I’ve chosen from my reading list in 2016 for the something awards – I’m working on the name as I write.

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Have a safe week and a great Christmas. I had pressed the settings to have snow falling over my blogs this month, but as usual, something went wrong and now I get snow on all the blogs I read and not on my own – oh well I tried – again!