Memoir Short List

Thank you Tanya for including Walking over Eggshells. You gave me a wonderful review many years ago!

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art-backlit-dark-556669This is for anyone who enjoys a true story.

The following are some of the memoirs which have been reviewed in this website. This is not a complete list. The order in which these are shown implies no preference, it simply reflects the chronology of the memoir reviews, commencing with the earliest review date. A complete list of memoirs reviewed in this website may be accessed here.

Note: The extracts displayed alongside each cover image have been taken from retail site descriptions.

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‘This is not a “tango book,” but a story of survival that cuts across death, cancer, Alzheimer’s, loss of home and homeland and cherished heirlooms and possessions, loss of shared histories, of hope for one’s children, of hope for the future, of love. But it’s also about finding love and unexpected joy. And about listening to the music and…

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