Ankor Wat stretches for miles and miles and miles.

I know some people spend days there and it was possible to get passes for a day, three days and a week.

Much as I am in awe of the magnificent buildings, there is still a lot of debate as to what / when / and how the exact history evolved. Our guide, a delightful man named Solly, was super attentive, holding my arm every step along the way. DH was getting quite huffy about it, watching like a hawk to see what part of my anatomy the man was going to grab as we approached yet another step. I couldn’t decide if the friendly Cambodian, a perfect gentleman, thought I was just too delightful and wanted to help, or if he thought I looked so decrepit I needed help.

Within the complex we saw the Bayon Temple, the Elephant’s Terrace and the Bakheng Temple. I’m ashamed to admit I can’t remember now one from another, but then if I have problems remembering what I did yesterday, maybe that’s not surprising.

But the whole experience was a delight and one I would not have missed for the world.

Well poor old George III ruled for a lot of years, I’m sure it’s not important how long but several decades. Every now and again his son stood in for him which did not please Daddy at all. They had continued with the family tradition of not getting on with each other and George IV didn’t like his wife either.

George IV

He got into a big sulk and went off to build himself a discreet little hideaway in Brighton where no one would bother him.

brighton pavilion 2

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…GoReadMe!… m’Lady, Susan M. Toy’s fabulous idea for Authors and Readers…

This might be a great idea – what do you thinkT

Seumas Gallacher

…from daft ideas often come the next ‘great thing… the following Guest Post from my dear friend and fellow scribbler, Susan Toy, may interest other Writers and Readers… feedback on it is encouraged… please let us know if this is sum’thing yeez could support:

GoReadMe! – an idea on Crowd Reading


Susan M. Toy.

The marvelous Seumas Gallacher posted a status update to Facebook, a joke really, that had me laughing out loud here in my little trailer …

“…thinking of doing a GoFundMe thingy for a movie about my ‘To Be Read’ pile on my ebook Reader… calling it ‘Kindler’s List’… all contributions welcome… J”

Then an idea struck me – “What if,” I thought (those great little words that lead to the beginning of many great ideas, stories and novels). And I wrote a message to the kind sir himself, running past him first the kernel of…

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By now I was recovering somewhat from the bronchitis and so determined not to miss a thing, you could probably hear the pills rattling around inside me as I walked.

The hotel we stayed at was possibly my second favourite of them all, the Angkor Sayana hotel and spa and we met up with some lovely people from Canada on a parallel tour with the same company. It was fun to compare notes. If you are reading this, please connect again!


The jewel in the crown here is of course Ankor Wat, although our first visit was to the Southern Gate of Ankor Thom.

(Whoops, I should have mentioned that by now we had hopped border and were in Cambodia – also a communist country, but much more relaxed).

The gate itself is 7 kms north of Siem Reap town and almost 2 more to the entrance to Ankor Wat itself.

The extent of the remains defies belief and it would be possible to spend days and days just walking past the walls and along the bas reliefs and exploring the little nooks and crannies.

The walls are 8 metres high and flanked by a moat and the multitude of carvings tell stories of mythological, historical, and religious events along with everyday scenes.

Of course Angkor Wat was chock full of tourists but in this day and age I guess you can’t expect to have the place to yourself.


Perhaps the thing we know best about George III was that he went mad. Very sad really, and rather embarrassing for him as his doctors spent a lot of time pouring over the contents of his chamber pot which to them, indicated what was wrong with him. They were wrong of course, not knowing he suffered a disease we now know as porphyria and a quick trip to Boots the chemist would have sorted him out on no time at all – well helped a lot.

george iii chamber pot

If they’d known better, large doses of sweets high in sugar would have made his life so much better as well. You have to feel sorry for the guy, and he wasn’t the only royal either. Mary Queen of Scots passed on the hereditary disease and Queen Anne, Frederick Great of Germany, George IV of Britain and Princess Charlotte all had it too.

Have a great week.

The very model of an amateur grammarian

I love this!!

Stroppy Editor

(With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan)

I am the very model of an amateur grammarian
I have a little knowledge and I am authoritarian
But I make no apology for being doctrinarian
We must not plummet to the verbal depths of the barbarian

I’d sooner break my heart in two than sunder an infinitive
And I’d disown my closest family within a minute if
They dared to place a preposition at a sentence terminus
Or sully the Queen’s English with neologisms verminous

I know that ‘soon’ and not ‘right now’ is the true sense of ‘presently’
I’m happy to correct you and I do it oh so pleasantly
I’m not a grammar Nazi; I’m just a linguistic Aryan
I am the very model of an amateur grammarian

I’m sure people appreciate my pointing out their grammar gaffes
And sorting out their sentences and crossing out their paragraphs
When you…

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*Amie An African Adventure*by Lucinda E. Clarke


Amie an African Adventure.jpgAimee An African Adventure is an enjoyable read.

Jonathon was disappointed with his wife’s lack of enthusiasm regarding his promotion. Although, Jonathon could understand Amie’s negative reaction; he still thought, though, that she could have conjured up a bit of excitement about moving to Africa with him. Begrudgingly, Amie accepted the fact that to be with her husband; she’d have to leave England and relocate to a third world country, where women were considered less valuable than men.

One of the many distressing things that the young couple had to learn while in Africa was that deception was not only a common practice but an acceptable one as well. Amie, unwillingly found herself caught in the middle of a political corrupt activity while in Africa. To her horror, she ended up fearing for her life. Freedom, she would discover did not mean the same thing in Africa as it did…

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