I should apologise now for the basic layout of this blog.  I have not blogged much this year (I’m blaming long Covid for my lack of energy and motivation) and I still haven’t got my head around all the blocking and boxing and the pages of instructions are just too time-consuming.  Hey, I could be reading more books instead!

Also, this list is in no particular order, so books in part one ad part four are of equal value.


I enjoy books set in any part of the world if the story is good, I bond with at least one of the characters and care about them and if it keeps me on the edge of my seat and guessing – how will they ever resolve this?

Patrick Rooper, an investigative journalist and ex-Navy SEAL, is looking forward to his upcoming wedding when a rich socialite walks into his office and offers a lucrative assignment. To retrieve a document from the Swiss Alps seems easy enough for someone with Patrick’s accolades, but unbeknownst to him, the undertaking poses an existential threat to someone powerful—someone desperate to stop him at any cost.

DEADLY ENVY    Sarah Stuart

From her well-known series of stars, incest and the bright lights, Stuart has now turned her hand to murder thrillers and DCI Croft is now one of my favourite detectives. He’s down to earth, believable and makes for an enjoyable read.

DCI Croft returns from a family holiday to find his house has been burgled. An armed raid at a jeweller has ended in tragedy, with the owner shot dead. Was it a robbery gone wrong or revenge? Kidnap, suicide pacts, murder, and theft – can DCI Croft stop the crime wave before he finds himself in the chief superintendent’s firing line, literally!

TIMOTHY    Rosemary Sheppard

I was a little hesitant to pick up this book, as Sheppard is a local author and I was worried I’d not enjoy Timothy. Was I wrong! It’s an amazing book, written with great skill. It takes you into the mind of a psychopath, twisting and overturning the morals and rules that most of us live by. But when you cover it up so well, who could guess what lies in the mind of someone you might know?

The story of how a boy, Timothy, born to a penniless mother in war torn London grows to become a charming, attractive, lying womaniser and murderer, including his views on the people he comes into contact with and the situations in which he finds himself. 

Since my last book choices come out after Christmas Day, I’d like to wish all my readers, their families and friends a safe, happy and healthy holiday wherever in the world you might be.

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