Now I admit I am only half way through it, but when I heard that CeeCee James had brought out a new book I was thrilled and clicked to buy. This time it’s a murder mystery set in a small American town when the local car dealer salesman is found crushed to death under a train. I am dying (ha ha) to know what happens but sheer self discipline sees me writing this blog instead.

I first came across CeeCee’s books reading her memoirs, as she also had a tough childhood. Now she has continued her writing career with I think her first novel. Good luck CeeCee holding thumbs.

Here is the link.    https://www.amazon.com/Sweet-Taste-Murder-Angel-Mystery-ebook/dp/B01INPHQJQ/

CeeCee's murder book

Some of you may have received an email from me about a competition run by author Paula Wynn. It’s a chance to win almost 30 free books – quite enough to keep you occupied throughout the summer – and some will be in paperback format. It’s a mixed bag with fiction, non fiction and a children’s book.  It’s simple to enter and I think (you know how untechie I am) this is the link you click on. It closes this weekend so you only have a couple more days to enter.

The link is here :  http://bit.ly/29aEN1v    (you’ll have to do the cut and paste thing as it doesn’t seem to work on its own)

Take a peek at the books.


There is other author who has left me in the dust and gasping in admiration. Her name is Michelle Monet and she is writing her first memoir and asked for a couple of tips, (she has some silly idea I know what I’m talking about). I had no idea she was so famous and so brilliantly talented. She was a Barbra Streisand tribute singer for years until it all got too much for her. Then she became a very successful artist and PBS even made a programme on her. She’s still working on her memoir, but in the meantime she has brought out an illustrated book of poetry. It’s in paperback for now, and here is the link.


I’m sure it will be a great success.

Reviews from both should be up on Monday, and now you know what I’ll be reading this week.

OK, I can’t resist it. Here is a banner of all my books. You can have any one of them for FREE  if I may add your email address to my mailing list – either leave in the comments below, or through a pm on my Facebook page (I’ll check my hidden messages and it’s private) and immediately  an e.copy of your choice will be winging its way through the ether. There are six of them to choose from in three different genres.


Have a great weekend 🙂



We set off for My Tho after lunch at another typically not Vietnamese restaurant – it was packed with tourists as you can see …


We were shovelled onto a boat to travel up the Mekong.

I was a little alarmed at the size of the boat in comparison to the slim, delicate looking lady who was in charge of it and DH weighs in at quite a bit.


We visited various eco tourism sites, the coconut candy factory, rice paper making and bee keeping enterprise (I suspect they were drugged) in little villages alongside the river. Local ladies in traditional costumes sang for us while we were served local fruits. Yes, it was a bit touristy, but seeing how enterprises like this in Africa are providing employment in the rural areas, I’m all for supporting them.

I did mention that DH weighs a bit? Trouble casting off!


Next stop was a horse and carriage ride. I wanted to know what the man called his horse and he got very upset. I was led to understand they never name their animals here. Recently I read that using someone’s name was not on – the spirits could find them and cause harm.

Frankly this did not look too appetizing and it was pretty tricky to manage with chopsticks. Later, at another venue I was horrified to learn the elephant ear fish is an endangered species and there was one on every table.


Hmmm not my finest hour, there’s never a makeup artist around when you need one.



George II was 76 when he fell off his chamber pot and died. His grandson took over, calling himself George III, to avoid confusion because he had also been christened George but remember his name was really Fred.


Lots of things happened during this next reign, apart from the King going mad. Worried that the Americans drank too much coffee, the King kindly invited them to tea in Boston Harbour. This resulted in the Americans SELFISHLY deciding to rule themselves and so they went to war against each other.


I have been reminded that I seldom mention my books on this blog and I should, but I write it mainly for entertainment and to connect with my ethereal friends (that’s my description, isn’t it good?)

But just in case you wish to contribute in any way here are a couple of links.

Web page – http://lucindaeclarkeauthor.com

Amazon author page


I am planning to blog again this week as I have other news, but didn’t want to make this too long.

Laughter the best medicine revisted – My favourites.

Another couple of chuckles I’ve not heard before and I thought I knew them all.

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There are certain jokes that you hear and never forget.. you can read or hear them time after time and they still make your laugh… here are a few of mine.. please feel free to add your own in the comments.

A pirate and his hook.

A journalist in the 1950s decided that if he was going to interview one of the last remaining pirates alive he should do so quickly. There had been news about a pirate living in an old people’s home in Cornwall who had just reached the grand old age of 105. The journalist decided that he better get down there while he still had the chance.

He arrived and was ushered into the old salt’s room and was astonished to see the wizened figure had a wooden peg leg, a hook on one arm and a patch over one eye. The journo could not believe…

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