Some of you may remember my previous review post on Truth, Lies and Propaganda: in Africa (Truth, Lies and Propaganda Book 1)” by Lucinda E Clarke

Lucinda’s other book

Amie: an African Adventure 

is currently FREE for 3 days  

Find the book on your Amazon site

Amie: An African Adventure” by Lucinda E Clarke is a powerful and intriguing story about a European woman who comes to live in an African Country. Cultural clash and assimilation, expected and unexpected experiences as ex-pat, colonialism, politics and many more issues are touched upon by an author who knows the continent well.
Having travelled extensively through Africa the book hit home for me on many levels and I applaud the author for her sensitive and reflective portrayal of all that is good and bad.
The character of Amie is instantly likeable and well chosen as narrator. The plot is solid and…

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