I usually tap out my blogs in a word document as I find the little window on WordPress very restricting. On one momentous occasion I found out how to make it a whole page size, but I have no idea which button I pressed and I’ve never found it again. I’ve also never found out how to add tags either – something else to learn.

Back to the document which I keep in a special file and as I think of them, I put ideas in there as well. So, imagine my horror when this morning I opened it up to find NO ideas for today’s blog. PANIC!!

Panic_button  Wickemedia

But one thing I must do is to thank all those people, some I don’t know at all, who helped publicize my promo on Amie this last weekend. I was amazed and humbled by all the sharing and tweeting and blog bits which helped tell the world that I was offering her for free – yes, yes I know – after I swore I would NEVER give any of my books away for free. After all the blood, sweat, toil and tears to offer it for nothing!

However, I am flexible (not physically you understand), and having learned from all the information shared by other authors and publicists and bloggers you just have to try and make yourself visible somehow. So, for better or worse there are now over 27,000 people with Amie on their reading devices across the world –  in Japan, India, and several countries in Europe. What percentage will read about her I’m not sure, but a spin-off has been nearly 18,000 page reads.

I’ve dropped the price of Amie and the Child of Africa for 2 days, back up on Tuesday night. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015CI29O4

Exercising extreme self-constraint, I’m still not ordering the mega yacht yet.

I guess James II had a mega yacht or three, but I was about to tell you that he married a commoner. Yes, how disgraceful was that – especially in those days when royalty stuck together like glue and princesses were offered up as bargaining chips on the altar of marriage. (Disney should be sued for pretending that being a princess is in any way a glamorous occupation. Millions of small girls across the globe have been well and truly conned.)

To be fair to James, he was not expecting to ever become king, and he had a torrid (I expect it was torrid) affair with Ann Hyde, daughter of one of the court ministers.

“Don’t marry her!” everyone cried.

So he did, in secret, and, surprise, surprise less than two months after the ceremony she gave birth to a baby boy.  Sadly it died, but they tried it again (you know what) and 5 more children didn’t survive. Two did however, Mary and Ann (you should remember them as they become important later on).

Samuel Pepys was still around and he wrote (he did a lot of that) that James played with his children like an ordinary parent of a child.

James_II_by_John_Rileyportrait by John Riley

Now this is a fairyland love tale right? Wrong! The king had affairs, lots of them.

Arabella_Churchill Catherine_(Sedley),_Countess_of_Dorchester_by_Sir_Peter_Lelyportraits by Peter Lely.


There was Arabella Churchill and Catherine Sedley and people also described James as the ‘most unguarded ostler ogler of his time.’

Reconstruction of conversation:

James II:  Peter Lely?

Peter Lely: Yes Sire?

James II: I need another portrait painted.

Peter Lely: Another mistress Sire?

James II: How did you guess man? You must be psychic!

But it wasn’t all cuddles and giggles. When James II came to the throne he was threatened by Monmouth, the indiscriminate son of Charles II.


  1. You’re becoming a marketing expert, Lucinda. It’s all before me and I’ll come knocking on your door. Isn’t it fascinating to think all those people from all over the world are reading your book? I still have a couple of yours to read but am trying to get through my TBR list and doing final edits.


  2. I wish I was an expert. read lots of advice but what what works for on might work for another, we can only try. happy to pass on anything I can and yes, it’s a thrill to know people in Japan and Germany and India have Amie on their e.readers. Whether they will ever read her? That’s another story 🙂


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