Now I have always been careful with money. Read any of my biographical books and you will understand why. However, I am prepared to spend money if I can see the long term benefits – food and shelter come quite high up the list, along with my daily gallons of coffee.

However, I figured that as I spend most of my life on the lap top – 10% writing and 90% marketing, I had better protect my most valuable asset – (after DH of course, better put that bit in here). So I went to town or should that be I went to the big shop in the sky and upgraded my security from free to paid – yes, I paid to protect my baby.


As I receive many, many notification thingies every day, I need it to work really fast as well. So I’ll go one better I thought – I do that occasionally. After much soul searching I purchased a copy of PC tune up. This was punted as turning off all programmes running in the background that would slow up the performance speed of my i3-2350M – I’m no guru I read that off the label still affixed to my well tended processor.

So then what happened? Every few seconds I get a pop up message obliterating a large area of the screen, telling me to turn off various programmes. Now this would be fine if it wasn’t suggesting I turned off my browser and my word docs. Hmmm, but I’m using them, working in them right now. If I refuse to follow its suggestions, it goes into sulk mode.

Then another problem arises. My laptop decides now and again to refuse to talk to the router on the shelf. I sent out 35 emails the other day and then noticed they were all bouncing. Did I have the wrong addresses? No, my laptop took a quick holiday from the world wide web. Is it trying to tell me something?

Chrome browser crashes. Again, and again and again even when connected.

So, then I reason maybe I need to update to windows 10, as perhaps having everything new and up to date might solve my problems. It will talk to the other new programmes once they are nestled side by side somewhere in the interior.


BIG MISTAKE. Now I can’t find anything. The start-up page has hidden stuff like my programme list and wants me to go buy Apps. Apps I don’t want, Apps that will clutter up my hard drive and Apps that will further slow everything else down.

And I don’t have time to go searching for stuff I could find in a flash only a couple of weeks ago. I can’t even find where to locate the lurking PC tune up that I have decided to dump – just in case I can get back to normal.

In the meantime I have sent rather rude (no, maybe pathetic) emails to AVG and to Goodreads cryimg out for help. Then I discovered that my system was refusing to transmit URL’s from me to the eagerly awaiting public.

Sadly I’ve not received a reply from either of them.

In the meantime I battle on and I can only say thank you to Chrome for their ‘restore’ button.

Because she is new, I make no excuse for repeating the first paragraph of Amie and the Child of African here, although I have blasted it all over the web (I have no shame).

The silence of the night was shattered by the sound of approaching vehicles. Bright lights split the night illuminating flying insects in their beams as the trucks drew nearer. There were excited shouts and one driver blasted his horn which immediately woke everyone in the camp. Whoever had been on guard duty barely had time to shout a warning as the new arrivals thundered towards them.

Jonathon wriggled out of his sleeping bag and seized the rucksack that was always next to him before pulling Amie to her feet.

“Run. Run,” he whispered loudly. “Run as you’ve never run before.” Stopping only to grab their shoes, they left the tent and raced off into the darkness.

Amie didn’t need to be told twice. They’d been discovered and the only thought she had was to get as far away as fast as she could. There was no time to jump in the two trucks parked next to the tents, their only chance was to make for the other side of the valley on foot and hide in the trees on the lower slopes of the mountain range.

Well Charles II didn’t bother to hide his love affairs. The first one was Barbara Palmer and they were ‘at it’ when he was still in exile.

barbara palmer

They had 5 children together, so they saw a lot of one another I suspect. She actually gave birth to their second child while Charles was on honeymoon with his ‘proper’ wife’. Did you know that one of her descendants was Lady Diana?


Next came Mol Davis who behaved in a rather vulgar fashion by flaunting all the rich pressies she got from the king.

She was followed by our orange seller who gave the king two more children. I won’t bother to write about the other 5 mistresses as I don’t think they are important.

What is important is that during these times, more important events occurred, but they will have to wait until next time. This is exciting isn’t it? Well never mind, it keeps me occupied and out of trouble.

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  1. So I am assuming, that once you have taken that giant leap for mankind into Windows 10, there is no turning back.

    You can’t say “Oops, sorry, I didn’t really mean it. Can I have my 8 back, please?”


  2. well urban legend has it that you can change back within a month, but I’m having enough problems as it is. We’ve taken a few more progs – there won’t be much left soon, and I’ll see how it goes. Guess we will all land with 10 sooner or later whether we like it or not. 😦


  3. Today, after the Windows IOS 9.1 upgrade on my iPad, following hard on the heels of Windows 10 on the laptop, I realize that with every upgrade I use less of the device’s capability because it is just too bloody time consuming to learn it all over again. And frustrating. As you say, things you could do in a flash previously, are now either impossible or long winded.

    Good news – maybe. I heard to day that Windows 10 is IT. There will be nothing further. No Windows 11. But, as someone remarked, they will still need to sell us things and irritate us, so the next “upgrade” will probably be “Doors” something. Trap Doors.


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