I knew exactly what I was going to write about today but do you think I can remember it? I do know it had something to do with books, but that’s as far as I’ve got. Sad isn’t it?

The nearest I can come up with is genres. Should an author stick to one genre or branch out and write about all kinds of other things?

Agatha Christie did very well with one, so did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but what about us little indies? Remember in those days they all had publishers and I bet they marketed their writers ruthlessly. Can you imagine Agatha traipsing up and down Fleet Street, or lurking outside bookshops? No, I can’t either. That’s the answer – we were born too late!

The next book I have in mind, is something that has been vegetating under the bed since 1999 – I must explain here it’s a storage area box thingie, my house isn’t quite that dirty – and the book is 89% complete, so it won’t take a lot to finish it. But here is the problem, it’s a humourous, political satire with a few naughty bits in it. (Are you overwhelmed by my versatility? No? Well never mind). So should I go for it? Would I shock the three reader fans I have, or appeal to a new audience who would never think to open the other 5 books?

Should I publish it in my own name, as a few people have got to know me, or use a different name? Then of course it’s like starting again at the bottom, another FB page, Twitter account etc etc.

So all opinions gratefully received. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK.

And having typed that last sentence I now remember what I was going to write about today, never mind, I’ll use it next time.

I must pause for a moment to tell you of some momentous events that happened during the reign of Charles II, besides all his love affairs that is.

Here is another picture of him just to remind you what he looks like, and as you can see, curly hair was very ‘in’ at the time.


The perfidious Dutch tried to become master of the seas, but since they were breaking the law of the Freedom of the Seas, which stated that ALL the oceans belonged to England, they were defeated under their Admiral Van Broom.  (Huge apologies to any Dutch readers here, as we weren’t friends in those days, but now we are of course. I’m sure it was only the English that thought of them as perfidious, and you can’t blame me, because I am Irish and so had nothing to do with it, and I was very young at the time as well).


Three other important and memorable things happened during this reign.  There was the Quaker Oats plot to say that Catholics were going to attack the king,


Finally, and worst of all, on a date I simply refuse to mention, (remember this is a date free history lesson) they had the Great Plague, which struck London – caused by rats who had deserted a sinking ship on its way to China – a good thing as there were too many people in London who were always in bad health.


(I think he looks so cute and cuddly don’t you? Probably won Mr World Rat)

So all in all, things were not looking or feeling too good. And they were about to get a whole lot worse.


  1. On the question of diversification, in my opinion there IS no question. Of course you must do it. What are you, woman or guinea pig?

    As to the question of whether or not to use a suida … spuidan… spoonadim… different name, I would like to remind you of a good friend of ours who has done this very successfully. She has written two books, one about a medal-winning cat whilst the other is about medals which should definitely not be shown in public (imho) and both publications are unquestionably highly successful.

    What more need I say?

    x A


  2. Ah yes you have a point there Jacky Donovan has done precisely that. Yes maybe I’ll go for it, while Amie’s next bizarre adventure vegitates / vegatates / vegotates / lurks at the back of my mind. Thanks Ann.


  3. Absolutely! You should go for it, Lucinda. I’ll read it. As for the pseudonym part, I have no idea. It would make sense but it would also complicate your life and complicate the taxes and income part which would mean you would have to hire a tax consultant for all those royalties, and I believe you’d also have to declare and pay if you sell on Amazon.com. But write you must.


  4. If you don’t finish it, you’ll always wish you had. Don’t disappoint yourself, there are plenty of people willing to do that for you.

    As for the name. The premise you described didn’t really seem that far from Amie. I’d hesitate to use a pseudonym unless the genres are diometrically opposed. For example, Erotica and Young Adult.


  5. Go for it, Lucinda and stick to the same name. It makes life easier all round. I have a friend who writes YA under one name, contemporary romance under another and romance novellas under yet another one. Apart from being permanently confused it means her fans of one genre never get a chance to sample her other books because they don’t know they are by the same person.


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