Amie 2 very nearly went in the dustbin last night (if you are reading this in the States, please insert trash or garbage here). This editing does my head in, you go over and over the same thing again and again and again. That would not be so bad, except the minute you see it on line, all the errors leap off the page screaming “Look at us!”

It gets to the point when you hate the story. You hate it with a passion. It’s stupid, it’s childish and it’s just too embarrassing for words.

But that’s not the worst. You have joyfully sent out the message that your next book will be decorating the shelves in Amazon very soon now. You have told people about it and now you feel you have to go through with it.

My only other option is to slide it out silently and tell no one. But that’s not going to work either. No one is going to buy it, which, on the one hand is good, it’s less embarrassing for me, on the other, the bailiff might just arrive a little sooner. Maybe I could start a trend with the ‘New Silent Launch Campaign’.

My editor has been so good, I can’t praise her highly enough, but the stuff she has found makes me want to cringe. It reminds me of the time I wrote a book report for my youngest who was battling with a homework overload. I was rather appalled to receive a B+, I was at that time already a professional writer, and I was sure she was going to come top of the class.  I spent many hours debating whether I should mention this fact at the next parents’ evening, but in the end decided to remain quiet.

I can’t remember if I had any such qualms about Amie 1 (an African Adventure). She is what they call my marmite book, the one with the best sales figures. As I mentioned in my last blog she is in the finals of the Read Freely best books of 2015 and you can vote for her here.   She is under the literary section. And did I mention you can vote 3 times? Well just in case I didn’t mention it, you can vote for her three times.

Next Sunday I am on the Facebook group We Love Memoirs Spotlight. This simply means that people can go on line and ask questions and I answer them. If you are not a member of the group, there is time to join and even win one of my books which you can then shred!! Kickoff time is 9 am UK time, which is 10 am my time.


Now last time I had just mentioned Charles I and his gay attire.  Here he is with another snazzy outfit.


Today’s question is: this is a photograph of his top half, but what part of him did he lose later on?  Answers wrapped in $100 notes will get high marks.

But before we get that far, I must mention his great enemies the Roundheads. They bought all their boring clothes from Primark and Walmart, and as you can see from the pictures below, they had no sense of style at all. In fact they were extremely boring.

roundhead 1 roundheads 2 roundheads 3

British fashion designers were not going to put up with this of course, and war was declared.

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