Welcome to part 2 of the books I’ve loved this past year. Unfortunately, you will not find any erotica, fantasy, sci-fi or children’s books in my list as these are not genres I typically enjoy. With the lockdown, which was very strict in Spain, I had time to write and publish 2 books and a novella and read – and I read a lot – so it was difficult to choose only 12 of my favourites.

YOU BENEATH YOUR SKIN  by  Damyanti Biswas

I downloaded this book from a promo but it wasn’t until I began reading it, I discovered it was set in Delhi. We had landed in Delhi only the day before. I was entranced by the author’s accurate descriptions of the city and the insight she gave into the Indian family in the story (not so surprising, although I believe she lives in Singapore now). It’s a meeting of two worlds, as the main character returns to India after living in the US and the contrasts in ideas, expectations and lifestyle are highlighted. I loved this book, it entertained me, educated me and kept me turning the pages long after my bedtime. I did hear that it has been picked up for a film option.

FATE IS A HUNTER    by Susan Wuthrich

I really enjoyed this book. An intriguing story, South African scenes that are familiar and characters I cared about. A scenario that might happen to any ordinary mother and wife which turns her life upside down. What can you do when your estranged husband takes your children out for the day and does not return them? And what if you found out everything he had ever told you was a lie?  It had me asking questions all the way through. Recommended.

METROPOLIS 1 & 2   by Ellie Midwood

I couldn’t decide between books 1 & 2 so I’m including both. This author has established herself as a name in historical fiction set during World War II. This book is set in Berlin in the years between the two World Wars, the background is photography and film making. I loved the characters, the descriptions and the accurate portrayal of movie production. It shows how in the last days of the bohemian lifestyle in the doomed city, it was impossible to stay neutral. I read both books in this series one after the other, which is unusual for me.

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