When I asked people if they would like to be a guest on my blog, I had a response from all kinds of different authors who write in a variety of genres with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The authors this week have told me very little about themselves, but have included an excerpt from their latest book to be released shortly.

Mae Jordan is a connoisseur of Japanese and European history. She has traveled to multiple states and Europe. She loves wandering through realms of fantasy and the unique worlds they take her. She enjoys taking walks and spending time with her dog.

Z.K.S. Ravenwolf was born into a world of fantasy, or at least lived in one. Traveling around the world from a young age has given Ravenwolf the exposure and insight to a variety of cultures and lore as well as a love of learning, exploring, and creating. When not writing, Ravenwolf spends time planning the forever dreamed of homestead, working with the dogs, and, with the aid of a spouse and the family cat, raising a tiny human.DMO_MJZKS_Ecover_WEB_1

Hi, We’re Mae Jordan and Z.K.S. Ravenwolf. Co-authors of the Demons and Deities series, consisting of Demons Among Us and the forthcoming Flowers and Bones. Enjoy scenes with Rosalind MacBeth and Tick Tock the main characters from the forthcoming Flowers and Bones.

February 14th, 2009

Tick Tock knew from experience when Constantine Hywel’s eyes shimmered like open abalone shells in sunlight, there was trouble a foot—trouble meaning he, Tick Tock, would end up in an embarrassing situation. On the other hand, he would follow his boyfriend into the depths of the hells, if need be. So when he got a “come with me” from the other man, he agreed.

Constantine took him to a high-end tailor. On the way, he explained wanted to formally introduce Tick Tock to his family. Tick Tock was uncomfortable with the whole idea. Despite being low-key, the Hywels did have certain expectations and Constantine wanted to make sure he was set to make the right impression.

Tick Tock sighed as the tailor took his measurements. “Are you sure this is necessary? Your family does know me.”

“Yes, but you’re not coming as my hunting partner.” The smile gracing Constantine’s face made his heart flutter. “You’re coming as my boyfriend.” The abalone blue eyes glimmered in the light the other man walked over to him. Constantine leaned over and kissed him gently. “Besides beloved, you are beautiful; I need to show you off.”

Tick Tock was sure his face was as red as his Hunter’s jacket as he tried to remember to breathe. It was warming to think a man who could have anyone he wanted, would want him.

The clothes didn’t take long to make. Tick Tock’s trousers were heather grey with a matching blazer, the shirt was his favorite ruby color in sateen, with the tie done in silver and red roses. He glanced up at Constantine. His heart stopped.

Constantine was in a midnight black suit with a brilliant green shirt. His Mahogany colored hair was held back by a silver and ruby hair clasp. Walking over to him, Constantine bushed his hair back into a tail and securing it with a sliver and emerald clasp. “There you go, beloved. You are now beyond beautiful and are angelic.” In this moment, Tick Tock was sure this man would be the only person he would ever love.


Cover Art

May 20th, 2011

Rosalind MacBeth’s last year had been less than good. The move from Japan back to the States had dislocated her sense of belonging. She despised the unwanted move and the expectations of The Society of the United States. There’s a reason Kaasan and Tousan didn’t introduce me, like they did Riley and Eri. She hated the thickness in her throat at seeing her siblings making friends like breathing.

 When Riley’s friends Lexie Wilkes and Emma Rawson invited her to go shopping she jumped at the chance. Anything is better than staring at the wall or having another argument with Kaasan and Tousan. Rosalind did her best not to grab at her braids and fidget with them, it would crush the flowers in the right-side braid.

          Emma, or as she liked to be called M, drove them to the high-end shopping areas of Washington D.C. The longish trip had been full of Lexie and M asking her questions about the new homeschool lessons she was taking and conversations about their older brothers—Bryce, Lexie’s older brother, Robbie, M’s older brother, and Riley.

Once they were parked and out of the car, Lexie and M led her towards one of their favorite stores with a Society section in it. Walking into MM.Lafleur behind Lexie and M, she hid her disquiet behind her mask. The clothes were unlike the ones she wore in Japan. The store apparently had the latest fashions. Lexie flashed a smile and held up… trousers in denim and a bright shiny shirt. M came up with a pair of boots that didn’t look too bad.

“Here, try these on.” Lexie led her to a changing room. M’s lips were twitching.

“I’m not sure about the shirt…” Rosalind trailed off at the pout on Lexie’s face while M laughed. She sighed. “Fine, I will try it on, but I would prefer a kimono-style shirt.” Turning, she entered the changing room. The trousers and boots were comfortable enough, but the shirt was too… tawdry for her taste. She did show Lexie and M, who both grinned at her.

M had apparently, gotten more clothes for her to try on. A plain button down in a sapphire blue and a quilted style jacket, she accepted the shirt and jacket. These were far more comfortable and something she could live with. Lexie picked some more clothes for her to try on, this time dresses. Rosalind tilted her head. One of them had kimono-style sleeves and was the color pale pink of sakura. She nodded and turned back into the changing room. The dress was flowy and would work for any Society garden party or tea. I still prefer cotton yukatas but this and the other outfit will work. The other dresses weren’t to her tastes.

When M and Lexie were finally done shoving clothes at her and she paid for her choices, M drove them back to her family’s estate for what they called a sleepover. It’s nice to pretend once in awhile I do fit in. Rosalind watched the other two teens sleep for a little bit with a tiny smile before settling down to sleep herself.

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Thank you, Mae and ZKS for being my guests this week..