Indicted by the Goodreads Police

More unhappy news about reviews.

Frank Parker's author site

From time to time I take part in a Goodreads review round. The idea is that ten authors each offer a book to be reviewed. Four of the ten then review that book, within a set time. Within the round none of the ten has his or her book reviewed by someone whose book he or she is reviewing. Participants are supposed to inform the moderators if they have previously reviewed a book by another of the authors taking part. This enables the moderator to ensure that neither is assigned to review the other’s book.

It now appears, however, that the rule applies across all previous review groups. You are supposed to check all the reviews you have ever received. If one of them was from an author participating in this round, however long ago, then you should be aware that you are banned from posting a review of any…

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5 thoughts on “Indicted by the Goodreads Police

    • We all love in fear of this, as you know Frank I had my reviewing privileges and it took months to get them back, despite me always following the rules. There seems to also be a spate of taking down accounts at the moment too.


  1. I also only post reviews on GR, Lucinda. I don’t like anything else about it as it strikes me as being a particularly unpleasant platform as regards trolls and nasty comments. I can’t imagine why they have invented this rule, though.

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