My Goodreads list will tell you I have not met my challenge this year, but I have exceeded it and read well over 100 books. Those I review for Readers Favorite are not listed there and I have also beta and alpha read more books than I can remember.

The list below includes the first three books of those I’ve enjoyed and remembered long after I have read them – because they had an impact on me. They educated me, entertained me, shocked me, while some made me laugh and others made me cry. All of them were memorable for one reason or another.

I’m publishing the list in no particular order, other than when I read them. I hope you take a moment to explore a few and share my love of books. At the age of 7 I was threatened with eye surgery from all the hours I spent under the bedclothes reading with a torch. But I never had any regrets!

HOW DARE THE BIRDS SING – by Marina Osipova


Ken Follett is one of my favourite authors and his earlier books are the best. This one was published in Kindle in 2008, and is set in late 19th century England. The story had me glued to the pages as a drowning of a young lad at a public (ie expensive private) school has terrible repercussions that continue for years. I also loved the peep behind the scenes of the banking world. I also enjoyed the way he tied up all the threads in the ending.  

FALSE IMPRESSION   by Jeffrey Archer

Another of my favourite authors of all time. Again, this book has been out for well over a decade but it is as fresh as the day it was published. It combines the 9/11 disaster with the art world as Anna Petrescu escapes across the world to uncover a cruel murder. Another page turner when the dishes pile up in the sink. It kept me guessing and reaffirmed my love of the books this author has written. He is a master of his craft.

These are the first three. Look out for more in a day or so.

In case you’d like to check out my books, these are the links to my Amazon author page, and my brand new web page. Several of my books have been translated into Spanish and Portuguese and a couple into Mandarin!

Stay safe and take care


8 thoughts on “LUCINDA’S BOOK CHOICE 2020 PART 1

    • I can see why that stopped you for a while! It might even stop me now – but I can keep the light on and don’t need a torch under the blankets any more. It makes you wonder how we grew up sane. We did, didn’t we?

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      • Yes we did Mary and stronger for it in the long run. My paperwhite kindle is my best present ever. I read in bed everyu night (as well as during the day) until my eyes begin to close and then it’s dreamtime.

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  1. Haha, I too was told I’d ruin my eyes by reading under the bedclothes, and maybe I did because I had to have cataracts ops done in my early fifties. I still read a lot, though, but not as much as you, still. Interesting choice here. I don’t think I’ve read Jeffrey Archer or Ken Follett in years..

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  2. I too have new lenses, in my 50s so perhaps there was some truth in what they said Val. Sometimes it’s nice to read the older, established writers, especially as I generally read indie books and it’s nice to compare. Some are way better, others not so.But I also think we can learn from them too.


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