As I sit here in Spain, the rain is pouring down, which is kind of amazing. Poor DH is out there trying to play petanque (Spanish version of the French boules), so I’m expecting a drowned rat home any minute.

I think I’m working with the block editor so not really sure what I’m doing here. I can’t see anywhere to insert the book cover. And have I lost my nice header? You know the one with me floating over the Big Hole in Kimberley, South Africa? It was once a small mountain but man dug that all away in his frenetic lust for diamonds and then went on down, down and down until he created this massive crater. I’ve been meaning to move me over to one side, but looks as if it’s too late.

This is just a really quick blog to announce that I have put Amie: Savage Safari on a Kindle Countdown for the very first time. No idea why I’ve never done it before.


The story. Amie the reluctant spy is persuaded to return to the African country of Togodo to oversee a safari camp where international representatives are invited to bid for the rights to mine Togodo’s precious minerals. There is infighting, intrigue and a group out to prevent the auction from taking place.

Amie, pregnant with her first child has no choice but to go and keep an eye open and report back to her British spymasters. To make matters worse, her partner and soul mate Simon has gone missing and she fears for his life.

Lots of fast-paced, page turning action and recent winner of a silver medal in the eLit Awards.

You can grab it for only $/£0.99 on all market places.

PS: Look out for the launch of the 3rd book in my psychological thriller series “A Day on the Life of…” the continuing saga of the Brand family set on the south coast of France by the Mediterranean Sea.


Well, I’ve got this far. Rather proud of myself! Take care and stay safe.

9 thoughts on “FLASH NEWS

  1. I must go and fiddle with it Mary. (Hope your app went well today). I’m quite exhausted trying to get the word out. I wonder how the traditional publishing houses do it? Ads in daily newspapers? A whole team send out thousands of emails? Sandwich men in the streets?

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  2. I am able to see your banner fine Lucinda. It appears you have found the image block. The new system takes a bit of getting used to and can be annoying but there are some interesting features that were not available before. Looks like we will all have to muddle through together for a while. (Confess I have used the classic style for a couple of posts.)


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