I thought I would quickly write this blog before WP push me on to the new format, and I can’t find my way around. I’ve told myself not to be paranoid about life but not only is WP changing, but so is FB, my main channels of communication with the outside world. I may be marooned on a desert island not able to talk to anyone and be forced to bug DH all day.

I wanted to share with you that I’m excited. Now, this does not happen too often, especially when I talk about my books. I’ve always been the same. When I made videos and TV programmes, I was NEVER satisfied with them. I always wanted them to look better.

I know this is a problem for independent authors. We doubt our own work.

However, I do feel differently about my new genre. I’ve no idea why I decided to write psychological thrillers. But I’ve so enjoyed scribbling them.

Leah Brand 5x8-eBook smallA Year in the Life of Leah Brand came out in August last year. I didn’t do much for the launch, but since then she has sold well with minimal advertising. –
Somebody is driving Leah to the edge of madness when everyday objects in the house take on a life of their own. Is it her imagination? Is she going insane? Why would anyone want to hurt her?

andrea kindle

I was away for 3 months from December and arriving back in Spain 8 hours before lock down, I had amazing peace and quiet to sit and write book 2 – A Year in the Life of Andrea Coe. Again, I gently pushed it out into the wide world with barely a whisper, hoping to catch a captive audience who were all Netflixed out.

How well do you know your best friend? Can you trust her?  Would you be driven to murder her?

By now, I was so enthusiastic that I immediately began book 3 A Year in the Life of Deidre Flynn. I’m now waiting for the paperback proof and as soon as I’ve checked it out, I’ll set a publication date sometime next month.

deidre kindle

For the first time ever, I’m really excited about a series that I’ve written. Each book is a standalone, but they do follow in sequence, continuing the story of the lives of the Brand family.

While there is an ending in Leah, some readers were left a little puzzled, or maybe unconvinced. Book 2 makes everything crystal clear, and the tables are switched back in book 3, set in the south of France as to who is behind the terrifying attacks. I have to admit, that I throw everything but the kitchen sink at them

I’m already into book 4, and I’ve relocated them from England, to France and Belinda the sassy teenager is now in to Los Angeles.

I’ve broken every rule in the book – my covers don’t follow tradition, and my titles are too long, but I’m excited about the series and I’ve had so much fun.

I’ve run two competitions, and had lots of participation and I’m searching for ways to hold a bigger, online launch this time, or at least advertise more.


This is a one off offer, which will expire on August 31st, but if you would like a pre-publication copy of the new book, in the hope you might write a comment or two on the ‘Big A’ when it comes out officially, then post in the comments below or send me a pm on Facebook.

And while you’re here, if you’ve read this far (thank you), how about signing up for my newsletter which is a mixed bag of news, authors, competitions, smiles and anecdotes.  You get a free novella for doing so and the link to part 2 in the month end newsletter where you can also win an exclusive paperback copy of the Worst Riding School which is not on sale anywhere. Oh, and I scribble your name in the front before I post it to you. Impressive eh?

Feel free to share this. In the meantime, stay healthy and stay safe.


      • Unless I am travelling, I get a bit twitchy when I’m not writing. I managed to give up smoking (if you don’t count the nicotine tablets I suck daily) but giving up writing? Not so easy. If only I had the money to pass all the marketing on to someone. Then I would be on cloud 9. 🙂

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    • Honestly Rebecca it’s a lot easier than when I was writing for a living:- Monday, radio script on splitting the atom – Tuesday TV script Interview Julius Ceasar, Wednesday promo video script on making potato crisps Thursday educational script for the Heart Foundation – Friday drama film script for the police force. So a couple of series in different genres? A Piece of cake! 🙂


  1. You’re just amazing, Lucinda. I have book 2, but I’m so busy I still haven’t managed to read it yet. It’s taking me a month to read a book at the moment. Awful. I will catch up, my friend. I promise!

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  2. Never a rush Val, so pleased you got it. I’ve had a lot of fun writing this series so it went quickly and easily with no disruptions. Still taking time to proof and check carefully as speed can mean careless, sloppy work. Hope Deidre is up to standard. I think it is. I’m re-checking the paperback proof now 🙂 Now to get the word out. Please pass it on! 🙂 And take care.


  3. I love the way this series is setup. Congrats on so many great-sounding books.

    I installed a free plugin called ‘Classic Editor’ that allows me to keep writing in WP the usual way. I too don’t like the new stuff!

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  4. Thank you Jacqui, i must check that out. I am having a tutorial next week to sort out my website and get it up to speed. I’ve neglected it terribly and my advisor has said he’ll show me the advantage of blocks. Not sufferer he realises how very untechy I am!


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