WordPress Owners: Please Read

My feelings exactly. – Why change? And now Facebook is at it as well! Do they know how long it takes wrinklies to learn a new programme!


If anyone who reads this is not happy with the new Block Editor, if you don’t want to use it, wish it had never happened, and quite literally hate the thing, then please reblog this post, share it constantly on social media, and let’s see if we can get WordPress to take notice of us.

Dear WordPress, you have started to force the Block Editor on your blogging community. You must have your reasons for this, and I supect they are commerical ones. After all, you have to make a profit, and you continue to provide a basic blogging platform free of charge to the majority of your bloggers.


You will also be aware that a significant percentage of your loyal bloggers absolutelyHATEthis new Block Editor. It is not intuitive, and we can see no good reason for it having to be forced on us.

It is…

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9 thoughts on “WordPress Owners: Please Read

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  2. Al, either you have been hacked or something has gone a little wrong here. I could see your comment in the email though. I’ve just spent 4 frustrating hours trying to add a pop up on my web page invite people to sign up for my mail list. Failed!!!!


  3. To facilitate those who prefer the previous classic editor: WordPress emailed that a classic block has now been enabled for those who prefer it. I have not tried it yet as I only saw the email over the weekend. Thought people would like to know. I think you just have to enter the word classic in the block chooser to get it.

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    • Apologies for delay in getting back to you. As far as I can see it is (I use the low cost personal plan). The email made no distinctions between plans. There are two ways to access the original classic editor. One, as mentioned in my previous comment, from the new block editor by typing ‘classic’ in the search panel. The other is to access it through the admin facility. It is usually available from the bottom of the left hand column. Hope this helps you and your readers Lucinda.

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  4. Thank you Tanya. I did click on to keep the classic editor but I understand there is a definitive cut off date to change over – whether we like it or not. With FB changing at the same time, plus my new book launch, life is a little – no a lot fraught!


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