Gaslight-paranormal-and-just-a-bit-romantic-police-procedural #GenreMashup! PLUS #BookReview of Moon Over London by @ShawnaReppert #TuesdayBookBlog #humor

all the genres you ever wanted to know – or maybe not -where are the cowboys?

Barb Taub

NOTE: Amish Vampires in Spaceis an actual, published book. In fact, it’s part of a series (volume 2 is of course, Amish Zombies From Space). I could not make this up. 

In my recent blog here, I promised some short reviews of recent reads that have two things in common: they’re part of a larger series, and they’re genre mashups. So before we start, it seems like a good time to revisit an earlier blog piece on related genres and see just what that might mean. With the assistance of the ever-helpful plot generator,  I’ve created a little story blurb with some genre notes that should cover most of the genres listed.

The Enchanted Hereditary Seal Of The Cozy Mysteries Society
by Barb Taub

Lower Cows Wallop, the diabetic coma-inducing sweet little village that time forgot, holds a secret.

Justa Minute-You has the perfect life working as…

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One thought on “Gaslight-paranormal-and-just-a-bit-romantic-police-procedural #GenreMashup! PLUS #BookReview of Moon Over London by @ShawnaReppert #TuesdayBookBlog #humor

  1. True… I’ll have to add Westerns. Let’s see…

    * If Darngood is a Magical Native American who applies feathers or war paint about his person and/or shoots arrows (unless he’s moonlighting as an exotic dancer), if the Bunting & Cupcake Shoppe is robbed by a masked Bea Serious wearing a black hat, or if there is a gunfight in the street at noon, it is *Wild West Theme Park*. Bonus points if Justa is a former Soiled Dove and we all (wink, wink) know what her cupcake “girls” get up to in their upstairs rooms.

    *If Justa is the captain of an interstellar spaceship with a lovable crew of misfit smugglers and the Bunting & Cupcake Shoppe is host to one of the more wretched hives of scum and villainy in the galaxy, it is a *Space Western*, probably one with a top director and special effects budget bigger than the GDP of several third world countries and/or the income tax NOT paid by the President of the US.

    *If Justa almost never speaks, wears a poncho, and/or befriends a small child for whom she reluctantly comes out of retirement to save Lower Cows Wallop—even though it means embracing the violence she is running from—to kill just about everyone in sight (bonus points if the small child is also killed) before riding into the sunset, she is the *Western Antihero*.

    *If Justa collects a motley crew of former sharp-shooting Knights of the Old West—including the now-alcoholic Darngood—who pull together one last time to save the town from Bea Serious in a direct ripoff of an Akira Kurosawa plot, it’s a *Samurai Western*. Bonus points if Justa uses a sword.

    *If The Enchanted Hereditary Seal Of The Cozy Mysteries Society is set in current times and Justa rides a motorcycle but still wears a duster to clean up the corruption of Lower Cows Wallop, it’s a *New Old Western*.

    *If Justa is about to face Bea Serious in the street at high noon when suddenly a road crew shows up and extends the interstate right up Main Street, and Bea opens an Orange Julius stand while Justa retires to start an internet cafe, it’s *Twilight of the Old West* and doesn’t that just drip irony.

    *If Lower Cows Wallop is an actual ghost town and Bea is a zombie, while Darngood’s ghost comes back to guide Justa at critical moments even though they can never be together in that way, it’s *Weird West*. Darngood Magical Native American will not be pleased, but I expect to make big bucks when it becomes a sure-fire bestseller that’s turned into a blockbuster TV series.


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