Writing Rules – Do Authors Have to Adhere to Them?

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rules-1752405_640Reference to ‘Writing Rules’ regularly appears in author and writer related discussions, posts and articles. Nevertheless, the so called ‘rules’ are not usually listed, leaving readers with no option but to surmise what they are.

It is in fact not easy to find such a list, however, a search of the internet, and through multiple websites and blogs, has enabled the following summary to be put together. Of course there may be other ‘rules’ readers of this article may consider merit inclusion but for the purpose of this discussion the following provide an effective basis. The so called rules (10), together with some brief observations:

Rule 1: Write what known

Naturally, the ethos behind this makes sense however, it can be limiting. Everyone starts life with a primarily blank canvas. Of course, there will be some character and personality traits but overall all subsequent knowledge is gained through example, education…

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