I was so thrilled with my very first video trailer which is for the Amie series, so I just can’t resist sharing it with you again, although I understand that over a thousand people have already seen it.

(Oh gosh that worked, such a great surprise!) Huge thanks to the very talented Susan Darlene Faw.

On a more serious note February 6th is the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation.

Yes, I know that it’s a subject that makes people squirm, like those personal adds that pop up in the middle of the Saturday night movie.

Despite that I chose it as a central theme in Amie Cut for Life – is it the teacher in me? Not exactly, I just wanted to raise awareness among the population that the practice of female circumcision is going on and, in some areas even spreading.

I’ve done lots of research on this for the book – and the subject matter there is handled very sensitively it’s an adventure story after all – and if it helps to spread the word … in classrooms, police stations, in communities and to mothers who may be planning to have their children cut.

Check out the slides below there is not one good reason for mutilating young children.

AMIE 4 30 JAN 2018

I read that the practice is not confined to Africa, the Middle East and Indonesia, but among those communities now living in Europe and America. The UK has pledged £50m to help end FGM across Africa by 2030 which hopefully will help but it’s also prevalent in other parts of the world.

Supporters are mothers and family members who believe that girls need this to make them suitable for marriage. It will also prevent them from unfaithfulness and ensure they remain pure for their future husbands.

AMIE book 4 5 JAN 2018

The good news is the first successful prosecution in the UK where a mother had her daughter aged 3 circumcised. She will be sentenced in March. I hope it will be a warning to others. So that makes the one point in that slide above out of date, but I compiled that a year ago.

I think I’d better stop now before I really began to rant!

Check out the book, I think you’ll enjoy it.

AMIE 4 20 NOV 2017


Actually, if you have read this far, the above statement is also a lie! I have 10 ARC copies of book 5 Amie Savage Safari – due out on Feb 26th. Anyone interested?  Drop me an email lucinda@lucindaeclarke.com

Till next time, take care.



  1. Frank you are an angel. Lots of tweaking, and twitching but the story is exactly the same despite DH’s complaints about which end of the gun Amie was holding when the hyenas were approaching. (Yes, he got his way as usual). He’s said of this one “Not a bad read” which is like a Nobel Literature Prize from him!

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  2. Hi Lucinda,
    I love your trailer! Those drums combined with the quick chalk sketches! Wow! Powerful!
    Thanks for sharing this! And a very important topic to take on.
    Years ago on NPR while driving to work (when my vision was good enough to drive), I listened to an interview with an author who wrote a book on this topic so I am well aware of it. Also I lived in Egypt and Indonesia so know about it from there. But yes, it’s in the US too. So that prosecution is encouraging. It’s so difficult to change culture.

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  3. Yes i agree Amy, changing mindsets is the hardest thing of all. The recipients have to see what is in it for them – and now, they can only see the benefits of making their girl children fit for marriage. In rural areas, once cut the child can then be married off and all education grinds to a halt. I’m not sure the one conviction (they found a lot of witchcraft regalia in the home) will make much difference, but it’s a start. I think they might have had one conviction in France some time back. So, so sad.
    And thanks for your kind words about the video, I’m really thrilled with it – a bit different to the usual.


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