Truth, Lies & Propaganda by Lucinda E. Clarke

Thank you Tanya this is a lovely surprise. 🙂

T. R. Robinson Publications

51OumBqML3LAnother intriguing memoir that provides further insight into African culture. Though this memoir stands on its own without the need to have read any of the author’s other books, readers would benefit from having read Lucinda’s more personal, award winning, memoir ‘Walking Over Eggshells’. Even if the reader choses not to read it now, it is recommended.

This memoir is initially based upon the author’s experiences as the writer of African radio and television programmes, some voluntary and others to order, or perhaps it would be better to say ‘as ordered’. As usual Lucinda’s humorous, self-deprecating, easy style flows carrying the reader along with her as she embarks upon a number of ‘adventures’ in the radio and television world: finding herself not only writing the programmes but also having to produce, organise and carry out most of the support work; eventually, managing her own video production company; and regularly writing…

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