Independent Author of the Week Grant Leishman

This is a re-blog of another of the authors in the Readers Recommends promo. I’ve read many of Grant’s books and enjoyed them so this is a personal recommendation from me as well.

A Reader Recommends


(Pictured is Grant with his beautiful wife Thess and his seven step-children)

Who is Grant Leishman – Author? #IAOTW

Five Things you possibly did not know about Grant:

1/ In a previous life, Grant was a respectable accountant – What happened? Well you may ask.
You can read all about Grant’s journey to the depths of despair and his ultimate resurrection, in his fictionalised account of the life and times of a VERY naughty boy – JUST A DROP IN THE OCEAN – Heavily discounted to just 0.99c for your reading edification.

2/ In his next life, Grant pretended to be a journalist, for a couple of years, but when even his friends began walking the other way, when he approached them, he soon decided that career wasn’t for him.

3/ Finally, at the age of 52, Grant left Godzown country (New Zealand), for the tropical paradise of The…

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