We were about to explore the highlight of our trip so we made for the Hofburg, the seat of Austrian government since 1279. It was stunning, I just love buildings like this they are awe-inspiring.


The Hofburg is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. Together with its many squares and gardens, the Hofburg occupies an area of some 59 acres and is in many ways a “city-within-a-city,” comprising 18 groups of buildings, 19 courtyards, and 2,600 rooms.

I just adore large, impressive old buildings and it’s great to see this one is still in use. It comprises several palaces, the Imperial Library, the Imperial Chapel and the Treasury.

We spent a lot of time in the library – well I would wouldn’t I?

It houses thousands of books and precious manuscripts and is almost as big as my library at home!

Until the end of the Second World War in 1918, the Hofburg was the political centre of the monarchy. And the complex also houses something very special I’ll tell you about next week.


QE II in Malta

Prince Philip was serving in the navy, so off they went to live in Malta just like any other forces couple – if you can believe that. However, the king was ailing and possibly the young couple realized that their days of freedom were numbered. Of course, as a princess and later a queen, there were lots of fiddly things she would never have to cope with for example loyalty cards at the supermarket, queuing for hours at A & E after cutting her hand on the breadknife or facing a fine because she forgot to pay the TV licence. Nor would she ever have the frustration of booking on Ryan Air to find she’d spelled her name incorrectly and would have to cough up a huge amount to change it.


February has been a hectic month for me. The 6th is the day of Zero Tolerance for FGM, the theme in my latest book and it’s been full of interviews and newspaper articles. While FGM is a sensitive subject, don’t let it put you off buying the book (or reading it for free on Kindle Unlimited). I like to think of it as a private and sensitive subject wrapped up in a fast-paced, action-packed thriller as Amie is faced with the task of rescuing four little girls from undergoing this barbaric practice. Again, as the tension builds, she does not know who to trust.

When I get round to sending off to Ancestry dot com to discover my origins, it will come back part owl if you watch this video!! I blame the makeup I wore which is a rare practice for me. Yes, my debut on TV since I started writing books.

Here’s the link and a tiny pic. myBook.to/Amie4

Amie 4 PB+K

Till next week, take care.

12 thoughts on “HOFBURG AND MY TV DEBUT

  1. I remember reading and discussing this topic years back at Sussex University, when we read Alice Walker’s Possessing the Secret of Joy, and watching documentaries and reading other documents. It’s incredible that not more has been done about it since (I’m talking about almost 20 years ago). Thanks, Lucinda, and great interview.

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  2. Excellent interview, Lucinda. Well done! Do you think it will ever be stopped? It seems we’ve talked about for so long, it’s been banned in so many countries and yet still it continues.
    On a lighter note – loved the bit about Liz and Phillip in Malta being an ordinary couple.

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    • FGM is unlikely to stop for a very long time Mary, in my opinion. It is deeply rooted in culture and only the people themselves can decide to ban it if they can see benefits in not practicing it. Yes, ‘ordinary’ couple indeed, with the cameras clicking away at every opportunity!

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  3. Another interesting post, Lucinda. I didn’t know that the Second World War ended in 1918 undoubtedly because of second-rate American education I received.

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  4. I need to watch that interview when I have a brief free moment! I never realised you’d been on TV, but yes, a very important subject indeed! I am currently teaching an Afghani young man who has studied the history of Islam both as a historian and a theologian. He tells me such practices have nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with cultures that are using Islam or rather ‘religious beliefs’ to perpetuate these dreadful things. Awful that so many things are done under the banner of religion that are actually contrary to the doctrines of those religions. And I didn’t spot your WWII gaff, haha. We read what we expect so often don’t we 🙂

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