So far, this year I have read 126 books. I know this because I have a spreadsheet and mark up when I download, read, review and post. It might seem a bit %^%%^ retentive, but it’s the only way I can keep track. When you get on a bit, it’s easy to pick up a book and be into the second chapter before you realize you’ve read it before. Usually the Big A will tell you if you’ve already bought one, but DH’s friend passes on stacks of paperbacks and occasionally I read one of those as well.

The books I’m including in my Best Reads of 2017 include traditionally, and indie published but this last group probably makes up the bulk of my reads.

You are not likely to see any romance, fantasy or erotica on the list, as they are not my personal preferred genres. I like action and adventure and spy stories (well I would, wouldn’t I?) historical novels, humour, psychological thrillers and what I think of as ‘clever’ books – twists and turns that keep me guessing right to the last page – as a writer I like to think I’ve got it all worked out by page 3 – then be proved wrong.

The books in my list are those that so grabbed me I left the dirty dishes in the sink, read while I got dressed with one hand, or wandered around in my dressing gown eyes glued to the Kindle, neglected to feed DH, and shut out the rest of the world until I got to the end. They captivated me, kept my attention and made me think ‘I wish I could write as well as that.’

The first five in the countdown are:-

THE INDIGO REBELS by Ellie Midwood

The story of members of the French Resistance during World War II this covered two of my favourite genres, spies, and history in one book. I’ve also read the second in the series as I’m a great fan of this author I think I’ve read all of her other books many of which have won awards. Page turning excitement she took me back to the streets of Paris and a time when it was dangerous to be patriotic.

IS THAT THE SHIRT YOU’RE WEARING? A memoir in essays by Kristen Brakeman

I seldom read short stories or books compiled of essays but I picked this from the Readers’ Favorite comedy listings and I’m so glad I did. This lady writes for several top newspapers in the vein of Erma Bombeck who had such an influence on my own early writing. Kristen sees things with a sharp eye, makes the everyday seem supernatural and, most of all, makes you laugh.


This has to be on my list as it brought home to me the Englishness of England possibly as it was several years ago. A light-hearted, fun read that I suspect is partly biographical. You couldn’t make up an eccentric mother who greets visitors wearing her old wedding dress and allows sheep to wander around the kitchen. A great book you can zap through on a day when you’re feeling down.

TABULA RASA by Gordon Bickerstaffe

This also has to be included as I’ve read all Gordon’s books and this is by far the best. I can see the difference in quality, character development, plot and attention to detail. I’m a great fan of this author and each book has got better and better. I particularly like his flawed and cowardly hero and heartedly approve of his strong heroine.

ULTERIOR MOTIVE by Jack Coleston

I reviewed this book for Readers Favorite. It’s an action packed thriller featuring two operatives in the CIA who are working to find the Caliph, a man who has united fractured terrorist groups in the Middle East. This is a great first novel by a New Zealand writer that I think deserves greater attention. It’s difficult to leave this book alone once started.

Next week there are the next 5 of my best books. Till then, take care and happy shopping.

18 thoughts on “LUCINDA’S BEST READS 2017 – PART 1

  1. Oh wow! I’ve just seen I’m on your list! Thank you!! What a lovely surprise! I was going to say how much I enjoyed Indigo Rebels too and I must read a Gordon Bickerstaff book soon. He’s on my list of tbr authors.

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  2. Your book was a slice of old England – like wot she ustabe. Ha! Grammarly didn’t like that one! It’s a lovely book. Gordon’s most recent book shows how he has grown as an author. I liked his first one but he’s up there with the best now. Needs more exposure – don’t we all (but not in this cold weather, I’m muffled up to the eyeballs!

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  3. Thank you Lucinda. I’m honoured and delighted. Totally agree with The Indigo Rebels. I loved it too. I’ve made a note of your other 2017 Best Reads that I haven’t read. Thanks for these recommendations. Strength to you, 126 is awesome. I’ve done about half that number.

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  4. I loved your reviews, helped me choose a couple of books for hubby who enjoys very different things to me. Thanks for all the visits you’ve made to my blog. Best wishes for Christmas and 2018. x


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