Today’s guest is a prolific writer and I’m going to have to squeeze all her books in in tiny pictures! It’s Patricia Steele and I know a lot of people are already familiar with her work.


Patricia says, I’m a west coast girl that moved to the east coast and back again.  Twice. My imagination has always been etched in music, color and rose-colored glasses. I’ve had crazy characters and stories banging and fluttering around in my head, dying to get out, since I was old enough to hold a pen.  I’m a fan of historical fiction filled with adventure and romance.  And I’m addicted to genealogy! My sense of humor runs a little rampant at times, I’m no stranger to laughter, and I love a good anticipation scene.  I am proud to state that The Girl Immigrant, the first novel in my Spanish Pearls Series, is being whisked off my shelves. The second book in the series, Silván Leaves, is now available. My next project is a memoir titled, Fairydust to Daffodils about my daughter and her lost fight with Cystic Fibrosis.

As I mentioned Patricia is a prolific writer, here are a few of her titles.

Patricia has written six novels in two genres, which includes her series, Callinda Beauvais Mysteries, plus Tangled like Music, Cloisonné, two travel memoirs, a cookbook, two biographical family histories and a children’s book.  She writes for several Facebook pages: Hawaiian Spaniards, The Girl Immigrant, Patricia Steele Author Page, Silvan Descendants, Ruiz Descendants and her blogs, and

She has been interviewed on the radio and online.  She is a speaker for the Arizona Genealogical Society.  Her work includes collaborating on a transcription project of the Spanish ship manifests (1907 to 1913 sailings from Spain to Hawaii) during the immigrations funded by the Hawaiian Sugar Plantations.

Patricia says she is a romantic who enjoys strolling through cobblestone streets and markets.  She is inspired by art and architecture, and thrives being surrounded by artists and intellectuals.  She enjoys the bustle of a city, but loves spending time in the smaller towns sitting at a café and having a glass of wine or cup of coffee.  Her soul is nourished by gentle friendships, a little romance and meaningful conversations about love, art and the meaning of life.

Thank you for being a guest on my blog. There is a lot more to find out about Patricia, so please check out her author



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