Meet Kathleen Gage

Kathleen is one of those people who can obviously sell stuff and that makes her a hero in my eyes. A guest post with authors in mind look out for some great tips on boosting your book sales. Every one of her books was reached a #1 on Amazon.


Authors: Piggyback off trending authors and stories to gain visibility

As an author, you not only have to write your book, you must take responsibility for marketing and promotions.

Now, more than ever, you need to find creative ways to get in front of your readers. It takes more, much more, today than in the past to do so.

Early on in my writing career, a popular way to gain visibility was with media releases.  Another was with radio interviews, but often it required going into the station.

These are still viable strategies, but today there’s more available for authors who are proactive in their marketing.

Social media, blogging, podcast shows, joint venture partnerships, affiliate marketing and online article directories offer multiple options in one’s marketing.

Where Have Other Authors Appeared?

A quick Google search on authors who write in a similar genre as you will bring up ample listings of where you can target your message. For example, with my upcoming memoir, my readers also enjoy the works of Cheryl Strayed, Lisa Nichols, Elizabeth Gilbert and Janet Attwood.

By using the search term “Cheryl Strayed blog postings” (or any of the other authors) there are countless listings of where Cheryl has either guest posted or been featured. All of these are potential locations for me to have my work featured.

Although the research is time intensive, the results are worth their weight in gold. The information is put in a spreadsheet to keep it organized.

Hiring a VA (virtual assistant) to do this type of research frees up your time to write your posts, interview and put your efforts into the activities only you can do.

For anywhere from $10 – $20 an hour for a VA’s time, you can get quite a long list of potential locations to have your writings featured.

Breaking Stories

Another way to gain lots of visibility is by piggybacking from breaking stories through the process of newsjacking.

According to the official site for Newsjacking, “It is the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story and generating tons of media coverage and social media engagement.”

That’s quite a mouthful to basically say, “Newsjacking is a way to utilize trends in the media to enhance traffic to various locations including your social media channels and your blog posts.”

Finding Trends

Trending stories are as close as Twitter, Google, and virtually any search engine.

According to David Meerman Scott, who wrote the book on Newsjacking, “When there is news in your marketplace reporters and analysts are looking for experts to comment on the story. Newsjacking gets you media attention.”

As a story develops in real time, potential clients may be interested in what’s happening moment by moment.

With the ability to post real time on blogs, videos and social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram utilize trending stories to increase your authority positioning.

Specifics to Finding Trends

A simple Google search with the key words, “Trending news stories” will bring up lots of listings where you can position your message. Every major news outlet stays on top of trends. You can also go to Twitter and find out what is trending for Twitter users.

For example, if you own a company that provides disaster relief insurance, there are plenty of current events that you could use to inform consumers.

There is so much going on locally and nationally, you won’t have to do more than a quick Google search to find plenty of opportunity to educate the public on various aspects of disaster relief and preparedness.

More than simply promoting your products and services, educate the public on how to prepare for disasters. This positions you as an authority and “go to” resource.

Book Launches Benefit from Newsjacking

Book launches are ideal for trending topics and newsjacking.  Also look for any holidays or celebration days you might be able to position a story around. As you get closer to your launch, check for hot trends.

During your launch, keep an eye out for anything trending that would allow for your book to have a connection to. This is newsjacking at its best.

Gaining visibility for your book is an ongoing process. One way to get the most for your efforts is to do something every single day to let potential readers know about your book. To learn powerhouse ways to do this, get my FREE report – Hit #1 on Amazon. Click here to access.

Kathleen Gage is the author of several books including, Power Up for Profits; The Smart Woman’s Guide to Online Marketing.

Kathleen works with successful entrepreneurs who are ready to quit playing small in order that they can get their signature message out in a BIG way through speaking, writing, information products and a targeted online presence. and

Food for thought for many authors here and some new ideas. If, as I read somewhere a new book is uploaded to Amazon every 5 minutes, we all know that competition is getting harder by the day.

Thank you, Kathleen – and I hijacked your other book off your author page too. I watched the video and it looks as if your report will be mega helpful, I’m sure a lot of us have problems honing in on keywords, one of my biggest nightmares.

8 thoughts on “Meet Kathleen Gage

  1. I clicked,like everyone – didn’t you too?? Why did I click in the first place? Well, here I am firstly, on Lucinda’s blogsite (my first time of your blog site, Lucinda). The post title? “Meet Kathleen Gage” Hmmm, I tell myself, why is she writing about this girl, let me see… and I read about Kate, that she’s this good ..hmmm.. at this stuff.. hmmm. #1 on Amazon, you say?? This is arousing my curiosity now. And then, as if nothing happened – quite so: no interview announced, no dialogue, quotes, whatsoever for me to understand who’s doing the speaking (writing). Just Kate’s smiling (why wouldn’t she??) pic, and then a title that sounds ike a piece of advice (so, is this an interview??): Authors: Piggyback off trending authors and stories to gain visibility
    Oh, I say to myself, piggyback on stories…hmm, not the first time I hear that, and I keep reading. Who’s talking?? Apparently, Linda… or, Kate?? Blah, blah, blah, I keep reading, and then I reach here:

    “Gaining visibility for your book is an ongoing process. One way to get the most for your efforts is to do something every single day to let potential readers know about your book. To learn powerhouse ways to do this, get my FREE report – Hit #1 on Amazon. Click here to access.”

    Eh, I say to myself… this must be Kate, because Linda just said that this is the reason for which she admires Kate: she sees her a hero ’cause she can sell books, like up to being #1 on Amazon, did I get it right??
    So, you know what?? I say, let me click, Kate is here offering a FREE (Caps!!!) report – “Hit#1 on Amazon” (at this point it’s like my heart is telling me something, of the kind: “they’ll just remain with your email address, and you’ll only get one of those thousand ‘free offers’ to buy their product.” C’mon, I say, silly heart (or gut??, can’t you read? and I click again, and, surprise!! The name and email box for me to fill in. Ok, I say to myself, fair enough… the girl is offering me her free product-report (?? what’s that, anyway?) isn’t she?? And then, I click on the “Get your product”; Click again, and, lo, and behold, full screen “Thank you!!!”, “Thank you from the heart,” and, “Thank you for being you”. Aaaa hmm, what do you mean, for being me?? A silly, naive clicker, whose mail is about 50 000 unread promotional messages, mostly all offering “free gifts?”

    But then, I go to my mail – she may have sent it directly to my mail, silly me, fearing that I’ve been mislead again… Ok, one, two more clicks, and here I am, into my mail. I do find Kathleen’s mail, “see, a serious, honest girl,” I say to myself. And I find:

    Kindle Secrets – 90%off – from $190 to $20 – promissing that, once you apply her step-by-step program, you instantly (well, in one week) – if you “take action” that is, pay those 20$.

    # 1 on Amazon, you say?? In all categories?? No kidding me?? 20$, only??

    Who wouldn’t promptly jump on it? Wouldn’t you??

    Well, I wouldn’t. Cause a breach of trust has happened … and this is such common practice – I saw it HUNDREDS of times happening. I don’t trust you anymore; is it my fault? Maybe.


    • I am so sorry this happened. I admit to not clicking on the link except to make sure it connected and then didn’t go any further. In order to showcase other indie authors, I offer anyone a spot on a Thursday and Kathleen applied. It was not the usual short bio and info on the writer’s books but I thought this might make a change and be helpful in some way. You say the Free book wasn’t free? I did not click to get her report so I can’t comment on that. Be assured that the next six authors appearing in the guest spot all the usual formulae. Lucinda

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  2. I followed through on this and I was sent a 40 page report which appears to contain a lot of helpful information -so to be fair to Kathleen she delivered what she promised. There was no obligation to take up her training / instructional course, just an offer. I hope this answers your questions.


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