Years of Heartbreak

An interview with Literary Titan.


Lucinda E. Clarke Author Interview Lucinda E. Clarke Author Interview

Walking Over Eggshells is an autobiography about your life and how you survived growing up and living with mental abuse. What inspired you to put your experiences into a book?

Originally I never intended to publish my experiences of growing up, I wrote about my life solely for my children to explain my parenting skills, or lack of them and to give them a greater understanding of me as a person. I was aware of the effects of the fraught relationship I had with my mother but totally unaware of the cause. As I recount in the closing chapters, it was only after her death that quite by chance I read about Narcissistic personality disorder and my mother’s reactions, behaviour and responses ticked all the boxes. I was over 60 when she died and only then I learned that no matter what I’d done, I…

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2 thoughts on “Years of Heartbreak

  1. Back in the late 1970s, I read a book entitled Irregular People by Joyce Landorf. When I read your Walking Over Eggshells, I recognized the personality type. They may not have had a label for it in the 70s. I found both books enlightening. I think anyone who has experienced this could learn a lot from your and Ms. Landorf’s books (and hopefully experience a degree of healing as well). Congratulations on your career and all of your accomplishments, Lucinda!


  2. Thank you Victoria. I understand that the personality disorders were added to the American psychiatric list and then taken off and are now back on again. I also read that up to 9% of the population have them – and you can imagine how many other people, friends, and family they affect and it is 62% hereditary. There should be a fair few around by now 😦 But every book which shines some light on this problem may help at least a few of them. I must look up Ms Landorf’s book.


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