As we walked (well DH walked, I staggered) over the dry, grassy moat and the bridge to buy our entry tickets, I thought the castle was in a remarkably good condition considering it had been assembled in the XII century. It was built by the Trencavel family who added a bit more to it in the following century. Showing off how rich they were no doubt.

An interesting family they turned a blind eye to the Cathars, who’d developed their own version of religion and so the Pope of the day declared a crusade under Simon de Montford who laid siege to the city.

After all that was over, the town was declared French and they thought the castle would be very useful in manning the Franco/Spanish border. Which turned not to be such a good idea as someone went and moved the border further south. Now, Carcassone was several miles inside France. After all that effort!!


Now while George had 5 sons, one as I’ve said was locked away so you’ve probably heard about the two eldest Edward and George – though Edward was called David, just to be confusing.


  • File:Bundesarchiv Bild 102-13538, Edward Herzog von Windsor.jpg

He’d only been king a few months (his father George V had died in the meantime, so it was Ok for him to become king) when he asked a lady called Mrs Wallace Simpson to marry him and this shocked the whole nation.


Yes, here is where I mention my books, though I have far more fun writing about the other stuff on my blog.

I have 8 out so far, in 3 different genres which only goes to prove I’m a bit schizophrenic I guess. Memoirs x 3 – Humour x 1 – Adventure/thriller/spy x 4.

Worst Riding School - 2


Don’t forget my reader magnet which you can snaffle for free – short read embarrassingly all true.  All books are wide except for the Amie series.   Until next week take care.



14 thoughts on “CASTLE AND KINGS

  1. I love to gaze at Carcasson, the turrets are hats protecting its history from the heat. I find it motivates a story each time we slow to take it in. I wonder if others feel the same way… buildings leaking their stories into your soul, from a distance. Whimsical, I know. When on the one occasion monies were extorted to step over the moat what we heard took over and lists of facts occupied an otherwise imaginative mind. But from a distance princesses and courtiers come alive. Nice post thank you.


  2. I’ve been scribbling a little every day Susan and part 2 is going to be a lot longer. I’m up to 12,000 words (part 1 was 8,000) and I’ve not got to the end of the story yet. Trying to get it done for the end of October’s newsletter.


    • Hi Charlie, WRS suitable for children? I didn’t write it as a children’s book but one reviewer told me she read it with her granddaughter and they both enjoyed it. Maybe from about the age of 9? None of my books contain bad language or sex and I would have no qualms if my grandchildren picked any of them up to read. Take a peek at the look inside feature on Amazon. Mind, there is a catch – isn’t there always? The free book you can download is only part one, part two will also be free only to readers who are on my newsletter mailing list. It should be out at the end of this month. 🙂 And thank you for following my blog, I hope you continue to enjoy it, loved yours too and signed up.

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