Just for once this is a serious post as I want to raise awareness of something that is going on in dozens of countries, including the United States and many places in Europe. It’s a theme I chose for my latest book and the more I researched it the more horrified I became. FGM is a topic only ever discussed behind closed doors, many people have never even heard of it.  

Then this popped up on my timeline on Facebook. It’s written by Serena Cairns and personalizes the fears and feelings of a young girl. It tore at my heart and I think it will tear at yours too. How long must we wait for men and women to be regarded as humans, different, but equal? Women are not possessions neither should they be second class citizens.

With reference to your latest novel, Lucinda, I thought you might like this very short piece.

My name is unimportant. I am twelve years of age. Today, I am to become a woman.

I must submit to tradition; endure humiliation and pain at the hands of those I love.

I am told that I am to be cut, but this is not Africa or Egypt, or India. This is England, and I do not live in ignorance. I know.

Today, I shall have my arms tightly clasped behind me, be pinned down on a stool, naked and afraid, my legs prized apart and held by those I have trusted.

It is no use screaming. Neighbours and passers-by will not hear me above the hi-fi and TV. I cannot ask for help in a world full of strangers.

A woman I do not know will kneel before me, light reflecting off the blade in her hand. I shall feel excruciating pain, feel the warmth and smell the blood, whilst I am held, hacked and mutilated.

If I struggle, I put my life at risk. A severed artery is all it takes.

I’m told I should be proud. I’m told I must be thankful my parents see fit to follow tradition.

I do not understand why I should be glad.
I know only that I risk infection and impairment to my walking.
I know to expect painful periods and incontinence as I grow older.

When I marry, I must be cut again to allow my husband penetration.

When I give birth, again I must be opened and risk painful tearing. Perhaps my husband will insist I be re-stitched between children.

I shall be deprived of my sexuality.

I am afraid.
I do not want to become this woman, this adult.
I do not want to feel the searing pain down there. Not now, not ever.

I want to run, to hide but there is nowhere to go, nowhere where they will not find me.
Who can I tell?
How can I turn against my mother, my family, my culture?
How can I betray them? I cannot.

Where is the reason?
Where is my consolation?
Where is justice?
They are not here.

Today, I am to become a woman.

Serena was aware of FGM long before I ever heard about this cruel practice. It has no medical benefits and appears in no religious teachings.

Please spread the word, education is the key to help stop this inhumane practice. Even in North America, it’s still perfectly legal in many states and there have been very, very few convictions for those adults who mutilate young girls. Over a hundred cases are reported by the British National Health Service every week and so far there has not been one conviction. Many people are not even aware of it. Two million young girls worldwide are at risk.

It’s simply heartbreaking.



  1. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    The reason that the practice of FMG is not discussed openly is because we are afraid to share on social media or our blogs for fear that people will turn away because of the intimacy of the procedure. However, from my perspective not only is this a barbaric practice that has no grounding in religious text but is about power of one sex over another, and enabled by the very women who had been victims themselves. The fact that this particular young girl of twelve is a resident in the UK is even more heinous. I
    am reblogging this from Lucinda E. Clarke and as you read about the long term effects on a woman’s body by this mutilation that is repeated throughout her fertile years, you too, I hope will support any efforts to have it eradicated. Banning is not sufficient as it is done behind closed doors by untrained amateurs.. it needs to be made public as this brave young woman has.

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  2. What a curse to be born into this world as a woman! What’s also terrible about this cultural practice that benefits the male in our society is that it is carried out by other women. My heart is heavy for our girls who face this ordeal ❤

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  3. Shared this Lucinda : adding anything to your poignant reporting would simply be superfluous… except perhaps for good on you for sharing this horror and making people think

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  4. This is beyond horrible. I learned about this years ago and again when I read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s books. When will human beings become truly civilized and stop torturing and killing each other?

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  5. I am aware that it still goes on, even here in the UK. In fact we were discussing it just last week, and I was appalled and upset. A student midwife had told us of a young pregnant woman that she had seen who had had her clitoris cut away as part of her culture. It is beyond barbaric what they do to these young women and ass you say there are no health benefits to be gained from it, in fact, just the opposite.

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    • It’s the usual thing. Do what you like to girls and women if it benefits men.
      The difficult bit is persuading indoctrinated women to see it for what it is, brutal, dangerous, and pandering to the worst in humanity.


  6. Many of us have heard about this. It is part of a culture or religion. Ignorant and dangerous. Can we put a stoop to it? I don’t know, but, I would hope the ignorance of this ace can be stopped.
    Thank you for sharing this, Lucinda, and I hope it helps these poor young girls. It’s barbaric.

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  7. I’m going to make it as public as possible and who knows, someone who has real clout may go on to broadcast the dangers and cruelty even further. I guess the first step is publicity – wish I could reach more people.

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  8. People tell me it’s a cultural thing and to shut up but it is a horrible vicious assault designed to keep the girl under control, subservient and to keep her from enjoying sex. I have people tell me it is no different than circumcision, ah, no. This is the equivalent of cutting the entire head off the penis.

    Slavery also was a cultural custom. This must stop, these children must be protected.

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  9. Shared to Google Plus
    Read AND REVIEW “Amie: Cut for Life”
    Lucinda’s book is fiction but she makes this point in a way that will never be forgotten once read.

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