Now many people may not know much about Singapore except that’s it’s over that way somewhere, but most of us have heard of Raffles.  This is THE famous hotel and is renowned for its long bar where they serve a drink called the Singapore Sling.

I was amazed by the building and took masses of photos. I suspect it’s also well known for its high prices too. The cost of a room was astronomical!

I so wanted to visit the Writer’s Bar hoping to soak up some energy or maybe have a quiet word, one writer to another, but they were not encouraging the passing trade into the hotel itself. We had to be content in walking around the outside.

However, we were welcomed into the Long Bar and so we had to have a Singapore Sling (don’t ask how much it cost, though we did fork out for one each, it was not the sort of place where you asked for 2 straws).



Edward lead a very healthy lifestyle. He usually smoked 20 cigarettes and 12 cigars a day. Towards the end of his life he increasingly suffered from bronchitis. In March 1910 he collapsed while on holiday in Biarritz, and back in London he suffered several heart attacks but refused to go to bed saying “No, I shall not give in; I shall go on; I shall work to the end.”

Despite the dishes piling up in the sink, and a week’s ironing waiting to be done, sadly he was not well enough to do his usual chores.


I promised didn’t I? I was trying to think out of the box – way out, be different. So, I hit on the idea of Amie – my main character – suing me for cruelty, transporting her to Africa, throwing her in jail etc. At first I had a few emails saying how clever, and I mentioned it on a live radio interview but the presenter paused and immediately changed the subject. The ongoing story was in the newsletter with exchange of legal letters and so on.


Then, I began to get supportive letters urging me to get a good lawyer, and how ridiculous she had asked for £1.5m compensation etc etc. People were taking this seriously, it wasn’t funny anymore.  So I shall end the charade with a simple statement to say we have settled out of court and crawl back inside the box again.

If you want to find out what I did to her feel free to look inside any of the first three in the series.  book 1 also available in Spanish  and in audio

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Till next week, take care.


  1. I have been to Raffles too and drunk a Singapore Sling… just the one! Love all their posters, it is so colonial feeling. But I have to say that where I live in the far north of Queensland, Australia we have many places with similar architecture, it’s a tropical thing!


    From: lucinda E Clarke Reply-To: lucinda E Clarke Date: Monday, 24 July 2017 at 18:02 To: Gabi Plumm Subject: [New post] SINGAPORE 2 AND THE STUFF UP REVEALED

    Lucinda E Clarke posted: “Now many people may not know much about Singapore except that’s it’s over that way somewhere, but most of us have heard of Raffles. This is THE famous hotel and is renowned for its long bar where they serve a drink called the Singapore Sling. I was am”


    • Steph, you have sharp eyes, I never even noticed the Macdonalds! I might have been tempted earlier in our 2 month trip as days and days of rice, noodles and lots of ‘things’ swimming in liquid can be too much 🙂

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  2. After reading the story about the Sling and what’s in it I’d think one was enough anyway, two would have me on my bakc. Did they provide what looks like a very large bag of peanuts with it?

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    • Yes they provided the peanuts Mary and you could eat as many as you like. I had a few and very carefully placed the shells in a container on the table. Much to my amazement the waitress came along and emptied said container on the floor. It seems you are supposed to throw them on the floor. You can crunch your way in and out of the bar!

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      • This came about because the rules on the street were so strict that Raffles supplied a place where people could rebel and they were encouraged to throw the shells on the floor. Part of the charm of the place.

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    • Singapore slings are horrible. They taste of cough syrup. Personally I think that the Raffles Hotel is the least interesting place in Singapore. The Chinese temples, the Peranaken Museum and Changi are far more interesting.

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    • Agreed, if you have the time to drop by just to relax. Do check out the skydeck at Marina Bay Sands of the cityview.​ Have a drink at the skybar, am sure is worth all the money.


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