Why did I like Singapore? It was neat, clean and well ordered, music to my Virgin Virgoan mind. One thing I noticed was the correct following distance between cars – two lengths between each while everyone managed to keep up a very respectable speed. I kept pointing this out to DH who tends to drive up other people’s bumpers but the only relpy was an indecipherable grunt.

We found this amazing place and I’m not sure we should have been in there, it was deserted, but it seemed to the entrance to flats or offices.

Gives a whole new dimension to the cafe downstairs!


Edward VII was right when he reckoned he would only reign for a short time, it was 9 years, not long besides his mother who’d been sitting on that throne for 63 – though the doctor did give her something for the chair sores.

But Bertie had a long life to look back on. In general the people though he’d not been a bad king, at least he got out and about unlike mum who sat inside and sulked.


I’ve often said that those who got into the market place early had an amazing start, in the days before a new book was uploaded every 5 minutes. I should have been one of them as I published Walking over Eggshells in 2013, but then I knew nothing about marketing – not sure I know much now – so I sat with my book on Amazon and was surprised to see I’d sold 37 copies in that first year. I had no idea if anyone was going to buy it and I’m not sure I even thought about sales in those days. Ha, wish that was true now!

Then I saw an email address in the back of a book and as it was doing so well on Amazon I wrote to the author.

As they say, the rest is history. I joined Facebook, opened a Twitter account, put up a picture on Pinterest and devoured the blogs which dropped into my in-box. I was about to dip my toe into the world of marketing.

I decided that I had to be innovative and come up with something really different – but it backfired and I’ll tell you next week what it was. This I’m told is a cliff hanger! 🙂

Here is Walking over Eggshells, about to celebrate its 4th birthday.

Featured Image -- 5978


It’s the story of how my mother who suffered from Narcissistic Personality Disorder affected my life. I guess I should be grateful to Donald Trump as he is now described in similar terms and more people are aware of this syndrome. All I knew was that my mother didn’t love me and I thought it was my fault. She even succeeded in causing havoc from the grave after she passed on.  and available on all channels

Till next week, take care.

22 thoughts on “SINGAPORE AND A STUFF UP

  1. Did you indulge and buy any pearls in Singapore, Lucinda? I think King Edward did better than his mother thought he would do and am looking forward to reading about the stuff up next week. I am glad you found out what your mother diagnosis was in the end and now know that it was nothing you did. I hope that has helped.

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    • yes, as regards my mother Julie it was such a relief and one of the reasons I wrote such a ‘private’ memoir to share the knowledge and I’ve had dozens of emails from readers who lived through the same hell. As to the pearls no, I now restrict myself to the odd bit of clothing and fridge magnets!! In our little rabbit hutch for everything I buy, I have to herb something out to make room for it! 🙂


  2. I’m not good with big cities and crowds, but I like hearing about the travel adventures of others who are more daring. And I think many of us start off this publishing journey without knowing what we’re doing. Fortunately, we figure it out little by little. Great photos.

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  3. Thank you. If you want daring, my first real venture abroad was being left in the African bush 25 miles outside Nairobi with a 9 week old baby, little money, no transport, phone or electricity! My first memoir Walking over Eggsghells, enough to make your hair stand on end at the crazy things I did!

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  4. I doubt that we shall venture as far as Singapore again… we have promised ourselves to go short haul from now on.. but I love the spectator sport of reading about everyone elses travels.. I feel that Prince Charles is going to be similarly limited.. but the present Queen does not seem ready to step down.. as to book marketing… fun and games.


  5. As a New Yorker, I would feel disoriented if a piece of trash – sometimes very interesting – didn’t blow down the street. NYC is much cleaner now, but the wonder of the city is as much in its grime as in its sparkle.

    I’ve read another book about this personality disorder, by Jo Robinson, that is quite good. It certainly is relevant now. My father had a bit of it too, but he also suffered from memories of his WW2 missions (B24 gunner). So it was back and forth between egocentrism and the value of human connections.


    • love that! No I do like my streets clean and Spain too is quite tidy, there are rough earth areas but little rubbish – except when the tourists come and drop stuff all over the place.
      I found out much later that they reckon that 9% of the population has a personality disorder – and they are not secret anymore. It was very different when I was growing up I had no one to turn to.


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