I try, I really do (though DH says I’m very trying, but I’ll ignore that). I had worked out a whole marketing plan in the shower (where else), scribbling it on the tiles in shower gel and shampoo. This time it was going to work. I even put it down on paper, still naked and dripping wet (not a pretty sight at my age). I went the extra mile and timetabled it all.

It went something like this.

While building my email list, I would write a book to give away for free – and those of you who know me, also know that I HATE FREE!!! It was sheer agony to give Amie Book 1 – all of 128,000 words – away for nothing if it wasn’t being toted by Bookbub, and they only took it once. I’m still waiting for Steven Speilberg to come knocking on the door. I had floating images of Angelina Jolie or similar slogging through the hot, parched African landscape minus food and water, fleeing the civil war … but I digress.

What could I write about? Ah, yes the riding school I had in Botswana. It would be a short novella, split into two. The first part I’d blast all over social media and then (here’s the sneaky bit) I’d offer part 2 also free only to those who signed up to my newsletter mailing list. Clever eh?

So I scribbled the first 8,000 words, DH found a suitable pic and up it went on the Big A’s site. Now they won’t take free books, so it had to go on at 0.99 – no problem I thought all the other sites would take it for free and I’ll ask lots of people to squeal on me and bingo, I was ready to roll.

The blurb for this is: Who would be stupid enough to open and run a riding school when they are terrified of horses, can’t ride, without insurance or capital, and with not the faintest idea of how to care for horses. Add to that, two of the four horses are not fit for the knacker’s yard. Yes, that’s exactly what I did – like so many of my adventures I ‘fell’ into this one as well with hilarious results.  

Hopefully I’ll get it free soon and you won’t have to pay for it (unless … see below)

Amie Back Story v2.1

Not only that, but every month in my newsletter, I offer another chapter in my back stories for characters in the Amie series. Ben is undergoing the traditional tribal rites into manhood (circumcision with all that entails) and Sam – Amie’s sister – is venturing on her first holiday abroad with horrendous results.

I even pushed back the publication date for Amie book 4 until September to allow myself 5 minutes of sleep a night.  By this time I’m hoping to have my street team in place, given all my beta readers plenty of time to tear it to shreds and me to piece it all back together again and have a quick nervous breakdown.

But then of course the wheels came off – they would, wouldn’t they?

Firstly, after a week, the Big A is still offering Worst Riding School at 0.99 and I cringe every time someone downloads it, it’s even got a review!! I feel so guilty asking all that money for such a short half novella. I’ve reported it so many times as have kind friends but to no avail.

Now the month end is approaching when I send out my newsletter and I can only send readers to Bookfunnel to get it for free – which means converting it to all formats and paying for each download. Sigh! More time – result, only 4 and a half minutes sleep a night.

Ah, did you guess I was going to ask you to sign up for the newsletter?  I have more people following my blog than the newsletter and I’m too shy to show my face often in the newsletter swap groups, they are all sitting with thousands of subscribers while mine never seem to climb. (Let’s have a big sigh for Lucinda here). It features other authors, competitions and the usual rubbish from me.

Just in case I’ve persuaded you this is the link

and if I could find the font size button here on WordPress I’d make it really, really large – seems they will only allow me to italicize or colour it 😦

Have a great week and I’ll be back next Monday with more travels, history nonsense and work in progress. Take care.

13 thoughts on “THE BEST LAID PLANS

  1. If you have it free anywhere else, you can write to them directly, although their standard reply is that it is up to them, they usually change the price to free if you write to KDP directly (yes, other’s reporting it helps too). Sending them a long list of places where it is free usually helps. I hope you can sort it out. 🙂

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    • Olga I went into KDP and followed the contact link and they even had a special box for lower prices – I’d never seen that before Within 12 hours they had it FREE!!! – but only at their special discretion they insisted 🙂


    • Despite being trying, DH is now looking at the next destination – it will be in Europe. Next year is a special year so if the Rand doesn’t go pear-shaped maybe farther afield. Love to meet up with you again 🙂


  2. I admire your energy, not to mention the sheer (sp.?) audacity of you! If it’s in KDPU it’s free all the time to subscribers, and you can do a promotion at free for up to five days (Hint: Summer Day is free thro’ 5th July cos it’s set in July 70 years ago.)

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    • Good info Frank, but I would feel very guilty for charging people for only half a novella – oh and the other half will be free as well in the newsletter. If only there were more hours in the day!


  3. I seem to have missed all this! I want to read about your riding school too, so as soon as I have better access, I’ll download it! You are amazing the way you keep working at it. Hats off, Lucinda!!

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  4. I’m self-publishing a novella next and offering the ebook at $2.99, less than my previous books from a press. My marketing idea is to do periodic sales. I’m not going to give my work away for free anymore, and it’s not my business (NMB?) but I don’t think you should either. The larger picture here is to get out of Amazon’s confines. As an author, I’d like to see more flexible sites, like Smashwords.


    • Beleive it or not Mary I agree with you about free, and I swore a while ago apart from BookBub (yeah right) I would not go free with any of my full length 100K+ books. So I wrote this novella with the idea of giving it away for nothing – thus the simple cover, and it’s only 8k long. The second part only my newsletter subscribers can download free, it’s to help build my mailing list. I also agree with the Amazon confines and all my books are wide except for the Amie series. The horrid truth is the Big A handle 70% of all e-book sales.


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