So we’d arrived in Penang. Now DH and I usually take the Hop on Hop off bus tour in a new city just to orientate ourselves and decide what we want to see. By this time we’d been to so many places it just wasn’t possible to plan in advance.

It seemed that half of China had discovered friends and family in Penang and rushed to spend Chinese New Year with them.

Initially we walked for miles and miles looking for the bus and quite by chance I noticed a shopping mall – a really nice, large, modern one.

Normally, like most men, any mention of shopping sends DH into a frenzy as he reaches for a bag of salt, a string of garlic and two sticks to hold up to ward off the evil eye. This time, even he was happy to take a break while we searched for information on the bus and where it might park up to let us on.


We were in luck later in the day as we finally spied the Penang Hop on Hop off bus and sprinted after it as you do – well DH sprinted, my effort was more of a shuffle. Surprisingly we were not the only ones wanting to take a bus ride and I have vague memories of DH launching me into space over the heads of the waiting queue and on to the bus (a little poetic licence here). Time to meet another frustrated Formulae 1 driver and I took very few pictures as I refused to pry my fingers off the rail as I clung on for dear life.IMG_4256

Next day we decided we would continue our explorations on foot and returned on shaky legs back to the hotel which looked so much better in the dark – matching the delightful pictures on Booking.com.


When Bertie heard that his wife had been involved by being told about another indiscretion he was furious and challenged the husband to a duel. Of course to accept it, and win, would be a case of high treason. The irate husband was persuaded to to stop divorce proceedings – as if he had a choice!


Did that stop Bertie? Not a bit of it, he hooked up with a wannabe actress called Lily Langtree and they were seen everywhere, but only when Alix was not around, if she was then Bertie was the perfect husband.  There was yet another scandal and once again the Prince was called into court to give evidence. Alix escaped by taking a Thompson’s fly cruise holiday over to visit her family in Denmark and Bertie was lost without her.


I am announcing that all three of the Amie books are now available in Spanish. This is a brilliant opportunity for anyone learning Spanish to buy one each in English and also in Spanish and read them side by side. Think of that – I am not only entertaining you, but furthering your education at the same time. And you can choose either the ebook version or paperback. DH has spent many frustrating hours formatting in a language he can’t understand, so he would be very pleased if you would buy some as well.


Till next week, take care.





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