Well last time I left us half way up the twin towers, and after waltzing along the connecting bridge it was time to go higher. I noticed the nice (I love using ‘nice’ in my blogs as of course it’s a no no in books we all know that!) lady in the second bank of lifts wasn’t smiling. I don’t blame her going up and down all day. I wondered if you started working in the bottom set and then moved on up to working the top bank. I shall never know. The pictures speak for themselves, they need no words from me.

That first picture shows the information centre, and there was so much to read I almost forgot to look out of the windows.

Next it was on to Penang – but there was a big problem – something we hadn’t planned for. (This is known as a cliff hanger).



Well that got Bertie (#1 son) married off at last, to Alexandra from Denmark but he was quite naughty (had affairs and such). His mother – Queen Victoria – despaired of him, but honestly she couldn’t talk as she holed up with a Scottish gamekeeper who went by the unusual name of John Brown. She particularly liked his kilts.

But then John Brown upped and died so she took up with an Indian servant and elevated him while she learned Hindi. She called him the Munshi which roughly translated means Munchi.  We are of course supposed to believe she remained quite pure and corresponded mostly on Facebook and Twitter from one end of the palace to the other.

I think we better move on to Bertie next week, I’m quite fed up with the woman but, until very recently, she was the longest reigning monarch, she sat on that throne for 63 years. That’s quite some feat and goes to show how well they made furniture in those days, no IKEA rubbish for her.


This is the section where I mention I write books and show you a picture of them, and very casually drop the links to my Amazon author page where you can see them all and go and buy them all.

Till next time take care.  🙂


30 thoughts on “LOFTY VIEWS AND LOVERS

    • That is great to her susan. Unfortunately I am fast approaching the end, as there are not too many more to go. Not sure if I should re-use those from the beginning as there are more people reading these now.


    • What a relief you realise it is pure history rubbish with a little truth thrown in for good measure 🙂 I may be blamed for a lot of children failing their history exams!!


  1. Hi Lucinda, lovely to ‘meet’ you this morning on Tara Sparling’s blog. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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    • Likewise, just been reading your blog with all those fabulous pics – I should not have done that I’m now so homesick all over agian. It’s only writing my books that take me back to Africa in my mind, but it’s not quite the same. There is a magic, with the drum beats beneath your feet.

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      • Absolutely – I miss the smells, sounds and colours, the raw physicality of the country. Everything seems so safe and tame in Ireland! (Not that I’m advocating for an increased crime rate here!) Will be interested to read your books, I’m only starting out on my very first and it’s set in Jo’burg. I am loving recalling the time I lived there.

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  2. Amazing you are in the very country I left when i was 10! I always feel only half alive in europe though I love it here in Spain – but it’s not quite the same feeling of ‘being alive and alert’ – and the thrill of finding your car where you left it 🙂


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