Walking Over Eggshells by Lucinda E Clarke

This is such a great review, thank you so much Tanya – you have really understood what I was trying to share in my book.

T. R. Robinson Publications

51xr1Y8zEtLThis is a book the majority, if not all, parents would do well to read. It clearly, and uncompromisingly, depicts how a parent’s behaviour may impact on their off-spring for life.

Lucinda Clarke is an excellent author whose writing carries the reader along with ease. She incorporates: humour along with distress; emotions with thoughts; clear headedness with uncertainty and so on. Her writing is so smooth there are occasions when the reader may be surprised by how many years have passed in the tale though there are occasional references to age which help establish chronology.

In essence this is an autobiography, though many follow the modern trend to refer to such works as a memoir. Nevertheless, this book encompasses, in chronological order, a substantial proportion of the authors life.

The tale commences with Lucinda as a very young child. There is the amusing yet sad account of how at three…

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