This is the first time I’ve featured an author who writes for children, possibly the hardest readers to please – they know what they like and are not afraid to voice their opinions loud and clear!  But it’s the parents and grannies who buy the books, so why not take a look at Aaron’s work after reading what he has to say:-

Hi. I’m Aaron. I love adventures – especially adventures with my dazzling wife and 3 curious kids, exploring California’s coastline.

I’ve spent the better part of the last two decades teaching, bagging graduate degrees in Philosophy and Education. My day jobs still allow me to teach, lead overseas trips, and work at a zoo. No matter what a particular day holds, I want to be a little more heroic when the sun sets.

How about you? Want to be heroic? Grab your supersuit and join me.

aaron blog pic

 (This is my secret identity. Should I add glasses? No one knows I’m heroic. Shhh…)

Let’s be clear about two things:

1.    Storytelling matters.

The Story Keeping series tries to capture the excitement of stories at bedtime. Our heroes (Riles, Sissie, and Little Finn) tuck into their bunks to hear grandpa read, and the story literally comes to life as they help the hero navigate conflict – from inside and outside the pages.

As one reviewer notes, “it’s akin to the choose your own adventure stories of the 1980’s” so there’s a bit of nostalgia wrapped up in the whole project.

Helping them along the way, Grandpa guides and mentors the siblings through twists and turns that will, as he says, “Put goose bumps on your arms and tickle the hair in your ears.”

Want to enjoy this shared “storytelling” experience? Grab the audiobook and parent guide for free at http://bit.ly/2nswJRs.

2.    Happy Endings are worth saving.

In a world full of bullheaded people, misguided fanaticism, and all sorts of crazy – happy endings are an even bigger deal.

Story Keeping is all about saving happy endings. Our heroes jump in and out of stories to secure them – every night they can.

In this series opener, everything changes as Grandpa opens up a magical, glowing book for Riles, Sissie, and Little Finn. Turns out Space Spy Drift Elwick needs saving. Space Pirates are about to destroy earth and he can’t even remember his name. Dive in with our heroes as Riles dives into the glowing pages. Will it be enough? Will they find a way to help Drift, save earth, and secure the happy ending?

aaron's book


For more about Aaron, head over to www.armarshall.com

Snag the audiobook for FREE at http://bit.ly/2nswJRs

To grab a kindle or paperback copy of this series opener, head over to http://amzn.to/2nxsMZF.

Story Keeping: The Night I Became A Hero: An action adventure chapter book for children – Kindle edition by A.R. Marshall. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Story Keeping: The Night I Became A Hero: An action adventure chapter book for children.

Jump on our mailer for sneak peeks and deals on the rest of the series (http://bit.ly/2nswJRs) – book 2 is almost launched, and book 3 will launch early summer!


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