I’m typing this under the dining room table, squirming in shame because it has dawned on me that my blogs have all been about me, me and then a bit more me – oh and a lot of dead people too.  But blogs are for sharing, so it’s about time I introduced you to some other great writers besides myself ha ha (Ignore that). So the plan is to feature a new writer each week besides my usual blog and the first up on the podium is


Julie Gilbert 2013 (5 of 25)

Hi. Thanks for letting me chat with you today about the latest Heartfelt Cases story. The Christian Mystery series features a pair of FBI agents and several really personal cases. As one of my narrators pointed out, I sort of have a thing for kidnapping. Such is the case here too. The Keres Case can be read alone, even though it’s book 4. There are tie-ins to The Quinn Case – a short prequel – as well as the first three stories, which are their own novellas. If you enjoy mysteries and suspense stories with dashes of humor, this is a great series for you to check out.

The Keres Case:

After six years of silence, a serial kidnapper and killer returns …  His plans are convoluted. His motives are obscure. He leaves notes, cards, and other clues. What he truly wants is a worthy opponent. He kidnaps a boy only to return him in the Erie National Wildlife Refuge as promised. Then, he snatches one of the volunteers searching the woods for the child.

The Keres Case (1)
When FBI Special Agents Ann and Patrick Duncan are assigned to the case, they soon realize the kidnapper likes getting personal. To make matters worse, the perpetrator has help from surprising sources: victims’ families. The more the agents learn about The Keres Legacy, the clearer it becomes that their family and friends are both fair game.

Losing clearly means somebody dies, but even winning might come at a cost.


The Collins Case is permafree so you can grab that any time.

If you’d like Heartfelt Cases 2: The Kiverson Case, all you have to do is sign up on my website.

I look forward to meeting you. If you have questions or comments, you can always reach me at devyaschildren @ (take out the spaces).


Julie C. Gilbert


The Collins Case is permafree so you can grab that any time.

I checked out Julie’s author page and she has over 20 books on there, a prolific writer, so do go and take a look.

I am featuring authors in my monthly newsletter as well as a chance to win a book and enjoy backstories so here is the link if you would like to sign up   Have a great week everyone!


  1. I enjoyed reading your suggestions for marketing your book when it came through via e-mail. However, when I tried to ‘like’ it it had disappeared from the source (here!). What happened? Were those topless pics of you banned? (They were probably better in my imagination anyway.)

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  2. Actually I cancelled it Frank, I was scheduling it to go out on Monday morning, my usual time and maybe the static gor in the way but the next moment I saw it had been published. It should come through again on Monday. And yes, a pic of me wirth my wrinkles would not be too exciting 🙂 Hankg on to your imagination.!!

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