I thought the summer palace was beautiful. Not imposing in the style of Versailles, or Buckingham Palace, much simpler. I could imagine a royal family here living more down to earth lives with only a small retinue.

We are allowed inside, but no photographs permitted, except in this small structure on the water – how I would have loved to have that as a writing area.


A little about this age as Victoria’s reign was such a long one, and there were major changes in Britain. For example, another interesting thing to happen during her time was the invention of the spinning jenny, otherwise known as the low paid female factory worker.


Unfair laws in Britain at that time said it was forbidden to chain workers to their benches…


.. but with big profits in mind, the colonials of that time exported the idea and set up the Nike factories in the far east using child labour at slave rates.

Next week a little about the 9 children who survived Victoria – just.


  1. Palaces as well as temples? You don’t do things by halves, do you? What a wonderful trip. Surely it must inspire a book or two as there could be all sorts of skulduggery going on in such places, neatly hidden by all the bling, of course. Perhaps when the court cast against Amie is resolved ? Most of the monks are too placid and the occupants of the palaces are now defunct, so they won’t sue, anyway. 🙂

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    • That’s a thought Ian but to get the real feel of theplace I would have to go and stay there a bit longer I think. DH is not al all keen to go and live in Thailand, though I would be off tomorrow like a shot! Perhaps I’m a little lazy writing about Africa as i don’t have to do too much research!


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