Will I Ever Get it Right?

So, newsletters are all the rage, so cleverclogs here thinks she will start one. What a good way to promote other writers and also share news and views.

To be honest, I’d not checked any others out, but I got so carried away with issue one that I was even more enthusiastic with number two. Now it’s not a newsletter any more, it’s more like a magazine. I think it will be easier to navigate once I have discovered how to set up a landing page, and pepper it with lots of links, but in the meantime I guess readers can just scroll down and peruse whatever takes their fancy.

So, how did it get to be so large? Firstly in February’s edition I am featuring these authors. Know who they are?


Two other authors, whose pics I’m not going to post, plus a reader


And do you know where this is?umkomaas_town_by_air

And that’s not all, as the saying goes. There is the ongoing court case between Amie and myself, the poor author who created her in the first place, and back stories exclusive to the newsletter to download and read. Featured are Samantha, Amie’s sister about to embark on a trip to Europe, but things go wrong at the airport, and some background on Ben as he prepares for his initiation rites into manhood.


So as you can see it’s not really a newsletter any more, but a small magazine. I’m only sending it out once a month and a really kind FB friend is going to help me upload it tonight onto Mailchimp so hold thumbs for me. I’ve sent him the valium by special courier so he gets it in time.

Should you wish to receive this masterpiece of literary accomplishment and have not signed up here is the link http://eepurl.com/cBu4Sf

There is, unfortunately all that toing and froing business to prove you are not a robot, but once that’s done you too can be inflicted montly with my usual ramblings plus some sensible stuff from sensible authors.

So why not sign up today?  🙂

21 thoughts on “Will I Ever Get it Right?

  1. It’s very ‘in’ at the moment Janice and for once I’m trying to keep up – but I have put rather a lot of stuff in it and not sure how to get it all up there. Last time an expert whipped it all away and sent it back, this time I’m having a lesson and then I shall be out on my own – scary for such a non techie person. 🙂


  2. I sure wish I could do this, but I keep having problems. If you can send anyone my way top set up mine, I would gladly pay for the service, if not too high, please and thank you. I’m signing up for yours now.


  3. I had one guy from a nearby town at E20 an hour to come and set me up again on Mailchimp when they locked me out. I showed him my content and he took one look at me and dropped it onto a memory stick and hastily departed befire I could grab him and beg him to teach me. I think he had summed up my techie ability – or rather lack of it – super quick and decided he’d prefer to stay sane. If I have some success I’ll pass on names. 🙂


  4. Ooh I hope I get the real thing for Mark 2! Yours will be the only magazine I read…haha! Love it! I like the valium support method too. I wish I had time to do a newsletter too. It must be fun, but I have three blogs to run at the moment, and that’s more than I can cope with along with Twitter, FB and my mysterious instagram account…still haven’t figured that out yet!

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