It’s over a year now since we returned from the Big Trip so it’s all a bit hazy – not too surprising when you realize I have trouble remembering yesterday.

The nice people at the tour company wrote it all down for us, but on occasion we did not visit places in the same order as the route march itinerary, so possibly I may even have labelled sites and statues and places incorrectly. Thankfully the photos on my iPad are dated so I shouldn’t be too far out. But, this is a happy, casual blog and under no circumstances should be used as a comprehensive travel guide. Nor should the writer be held responsible for any errors and should you follow this and end up in the Falklands, then that is to your own account.

After our visit to the royal palace, we took a ferry across the Chao Phraya River and as we landed I noticed a photo shoot, so I hopped in with the camera and took a few photos, but the light was not good. We couldn’t work out if these were national costumes for a particular cerebration or a tourist brochure.

We’d taken the ferry to see, guess what? Yes, another temple, although I did rebel a little here and insisted we stop for morning coffee. The drink was good but the surroundings decidedly dubious and our guide was not too thrilled, there was the itinerary to follow with Thai efficiency.


Now I don’t know whose fault it was but Victoria and Albert obviously watched too many Disney films and they were great fans of Little House on the Prairie. They wanted one of those perfect families, where all the children were well behaved, and loved Mummy and Daddy and – wait for it – did as they were told. They wanted to set an example to the world of the perfect fairytale family as an example to all their subjects.


To start with all went well. Albert doted on little Vicky (there they go, using the same names again and again). It was all very discreet of course, as they lived in a Hypocratical age, as piano legs were wrapped in blankets so as not to appear rude or remind anyone of the begatting of children.

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Till next time, take care.


  1. Ha ha Susan, i looked all the way through my post to find the phrase ‘must have been’ 🙂 It was you! But we do say this in ‘real’ life wihich is probably a little different to ‘literary’ life.


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