Our Books Are Not Free

If only EVERY author decided to charge even a few cents for every book they have on sale, how long would it take to persuade the reading public not to expect free books? Can you think of anything else people expect for free?

Rainne's Ramblings

Guest post by Rose Montague, writer of Urban Fantasy/Young Adult books with a lot of humour and just a touch of romance.
Rose has worked both in a library as well as several bookstores. She lives in Elon, NC.


It started with a bit of a rant with my post on Facebook:

“Free, Free, Free…

I see it in my emails, on twitter, on my Facebook newsfeed, 20 free books, 400 books at 99 cents, sign up and get free books, enter to win 47 free books, 36 authors giving away eBooks at this event. I’m not participating, sorry.

How about a fun read at a reasonable price? That sounds like a good plan to me.”

Thirty minutes later, I added this in a second post:

“I’m thinking about doing an event called OUR BOOKS ARE NOT FREE.

No giveaways, no prizes, no incentives other than meeting authors and…

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2 thoughts on “Our Books Are Not Free

  1. I agree and think it is insane to give books away, but on saying that–several first books that I have received free worked out good for the author as I immediately when finished went out and bought all the rest of the book by that author.

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  2. Oh susan if all readers were like you and happy to buy other books if you enjoed the first free one. But I sispect many readers don’t and simply continue to take one free book after another. To be honest, i can on ly remember 2 authors who blew me away and I went oyt to buy their ther books as soon as I could afford to. But then, I’m prepared to buy books as I know how much blood, sweat and tears go into writing them.


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