I have read and reviewed 140 books this year and to keep track I now list them on a spreadsheet. I’ve chosen 6 biographical and 10 fiction books as those I most remember – those that forced me to ignore the world around me and keep turning the pages. Each one spoke to me, moved me, informed me or delighted me.

I wish there was space for more books, as these are not the only good books I’ve read this year, but simply the ones I remember best. I am in awe of the authors listed below, for their skill, their story telling and the way they wrote about their lives or the tales that flowed from their imagination.


When Angels Fly  by  S Jacksonmy-awards-24

Why? A true sory about the depths that human behaviour can sink to and the indomintible courage shown by the author in rising above it.



Under the Wings of a Good luck Phoenix

by Kathy Dobronyi

Why? I was astounded at the clear headed thinking of a child in Saigon, which left the adults way behind.


Exclusive Pedigree by Robert Fear

Why? Fascinating account of growing up in a strict religious household – it held back on sensationalism, even though famous people were mentioned.



The Stoning of Soraya M  by Freidoune Sahebjam

Why? It made me cry and remember man’s inhumanity to women, a story that needs to be read by everyone.



Good morning Diego Garcia by Susan Joyce

Why? So much of what the author thought and experienced touched my soul.



A Child is Torn by  Dawn Kopman Whidden

Why? A great story with a very good twist at the end, it was a huge surprise.


Bad Blood by Max Power

Why? Stories involving prisoners on death row have always held a morbid fascination for me and it is also an excellent story.



Goddess of undo – Kat Drennan

Why? I’m so aware of Alzheimers disease and this gave me further insight within a very readable story



Toxic Minds  by Gordon Bickerstaff

Why? Because I love the hero Gavin who is quite a coward, just like me! aslo for the scientific information which is really interesting.



The Magus covenant – Toni Pike

Why? I just adore conspiracies about secrets in the Vatican and the story was great fun too.



Pieces by Patrick Heffernan

Why? A good police detective story where team work triumphs over a super hero, who actually becomes ill!



Letting go of Love – M J Keevil

Why? I rarely read love stories, but I enjoyed this one set during World War I highlighting social issues and laws.



A crazy Act in Uganda by John M W Smith

Why? A great story well written with an amazing insight into Africa and its people.



The Seven Year Dress by Paulette Mahurin

Why? Amazing story about a woman who survived the concentration camps, an event we should never forget. This is a book that will stay with me.




It Rains in February by Leila Summers

Why? The true story of a wife who tried to save her husband – it resonated with me especially as it was set in Durban and there were close links to the media as well. A heartfelt story beautifully written.



The Lights went out by Fiona Cooke Hogan

Why? I don’t like books of short stories, I have no idea why I picked it up, but it took my breath away for the sheer beauty of the writing. I just wish I could write like this author. Maybe the fact she is Irish exaplains it all – quite brilliant.

33 thoughts on “LUCINDA’S 2016 FAVOURITE AWARDS

  1. Fabulous picks, Lucinda. Delighted to recognise some of the names. I’ve read Bad Blood–it really held my attention.I want to read John Smith’s book and I’m thrilled for Fiona Cooke Hogan because, like you, I stumbled upon one of her short stories and was captivated. I must look into some of the other books on your list.

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    • i admit being drawn to books about Africa and loved the way John weaves fact and fiction together in arealistic way. I chanced on Fiona’s book by accident and could imaging her writing for the Times newspaper or similar, you know those really clever columnists they publish. 🙂

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  2. Must read some of those. I read An Unlawful Act in Lybia so I must get and read the companion set in Uganda. I am currently reading Fiona’s book,having acquired a signed copy at her launch in her local library. (She lives just down the road from me and recently joined our writers’ group). Thanks for giving her a boost.

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    • It’s the only way I can keep track of the dizens of books I read and to make sure I leave a review for all of them. Some I buy, some I’m gifted and some come through as documents from writers. I’d ‘lost’ a couple before I hit on the idea of the spreadsheet. I know at the moment I’m doen to only 18 on my TBR list!!!


  3. Lucinda , I have no words. What a wonderful surprise and Christmas present! Thank you so much and for also for giving me lots of great books to get my teeth into over the next few weeks.

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  4. That is an excellent post Lucinda, well done. I will also try and get to some of the books you mention — in my spare time!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, I am now sitting up in the bed on Boxing Day editing Ladyfingers — again.

    Stay warm and safe and talk to you soon.

    Much love


    Gabi Plumm and Peter Marsh

    +61 (0) 404025139

    From: lucinda E Clarke Reply-To: lucinda E Clarke Date: Monday, 26 December 2016 at 01:01 To: Gabi Plumm Subject: [New post] LUCINDA’S 2016 FAVOURITE AWARDS

    Lucinda E Clarke posted: “I have read and reviewed 140 books this year and to keep track I now list them on a spreadsheet. I’ve chosen 6 biographical and 10 fiction books as those I most remember – those that forced me to ignore the world around me and keep turning the pages. Each”

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    • I’ve just finished one which I might have chosen for the list, but maybe I’ll include it next year. What am I saying!! I’m now committed to doing it again – you have no idea how long it took me to get all those pics and arrange them in order with the writing next to them!!!


  5. How wonderful that you find the time to read so many books and then review them. One of these days (though my book was published 2 years ago), if you feel inclined to read it one of these days, I’d truly welcome your feedback. Thus far,I feel very rewarded by the #’s of people who write to me each week and the responses I receive from speaking angagements. In the meanwhile, I send all best wishes for the holidays and the New Year ~ Linda Appleman Shapiro

    Memoir: “She’s Not Herself: A Psychotherapist’s Journey Into and Beyond Her Mother’s Mental Illness”
    Publisher: Mike O’Mary @ Dream of Things

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    • I would be happy to Linda, if you could femind me in a couple of months? As for finding the time? If you add up the bathroom breaks, odd moments while cooking, tablet propped up while dressing, not bothering much with TV, long rides in the car – well it all adds up 🙂 The books listed today are those when all that went out of the window and I was rooted to the couch reading and ignoring the rest of the world until the very last page. 🙂


  6. I am humbled by being named in your choice of 2016 favorite books. Your reason for choosing my book means a great deal to me. I was very observant as a child because children were to be seen and not heard. “Under the Wings of a Good Luck Phoenix” gave voice to the fears I saw in 1963 Saigon as the United States was drawn into the Vietnam War. Thank you for hearing me.


  7. I’m honoured to be honoured as a Biographical Finalist on your list! Thanks for reading “Good Morning Diego Garcia” and for taking time to review it. I’m thrilled to know that my thoughts touched your soul. Wishing you a marvellous 2017! On every level!

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  9. Thank you Lucinda for all the time you have taken to read and review these books. I look forward to reading your gems in the coming year. Have a wonderful 2017.


    • Ah thank you Cherry ands welcome ot my daft ramblings 🙂 Would youl like to get my monthly newsletters as well? If so let me know, I’ll be writing back stories from my Amie series – with extra stuff from other authors and readers as well. This is as well as my monday blogs of course. 🙂


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