I left off last time in northern Thailand at the top of the hill at Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. I’ve just noticed on the notes that visitors can climb the 309 steps for free to reach the pagoda. Free! Are they kidding! As I posted last time, we took the cable car up there and viewed the panoramic sight of Chang Mai city.  We watched lots of people ring bells, there were rows and rows of them. We weren’t sure of the ‘why’ for all this, and our guide had wandered off, but just in case, we also rang several of the bells. Some were really large and their tonality to my ears at any rate, was pitch perfect.

I think this is a delightful picture of DH finding the clapper on one of the larger ones. I know I posted the other one before, but I can’t help giggling.

The whole area housed several temples, and worshippers were performing different rites at each of them. I didn’t manage to get a full explanation as to what was happening.

I took so many pictures, I’ll have to show you the rest next time.

While Queen Elizabeth is my favourite queen – a Virgo like me, we share a name and my latest colouring product also turns me a slight shade of auburn –  my least favourite monarch either male or female, is the one I have reached now – Victoria, although that wasn’t her first name.vic-haema

I started out having some sympathy with her- also a mum who wasn’t kind, and she lost her father when young, but that is where the similarity ends.

I cheered when she got her own bedroom and practiced walking down the stairs all by herself, what an achievement!  But, as soon as she realized she was queen on one hand she started throwing her weight around and on the other, turned into a silly giggly girl over a man much older than herself. Find out who later. (That’s supposed to be a cliff hanger). Definition of cliff hanger … writer cleverly writes exciting bit without completing all the knowledge leaving the readers wanting to know more, so they eagerly wait for the next episode or chapter.  And no it’s NOT Prince Albert.

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  1. How many temples did you visit on the big trip?
    I have to say I rather warmed to Victoria after the recent series on television about her when she was young – and falling for that men you mentioned. I’d have fallen for him too – if he looked like the actor who played him!

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  2. Mary we lost count of the number of temples, there were so many and sometimes there wasa complex housing three or four of them. I did a lot of research on Victoria for a lecture I gave and she reminded me so much of my mother! She wasa total control freak and and gave her kinds a miserable time, so I’ve gone right off her!! As you will see in succeeding weeks 🙂 I’ve recorded the series but not got round to watching it yet – will do so in one or two sittings!!

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  3. I tried to make the pictures big but it wouldn’t let me–love the one of the two of you together–I guess that is you since I couldn’t enlarge it!! Thanks for sharing this wodnerful adventure.

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    • Yes that is me in the pink with you know who!!! The guide was getting very worried we’d nt taken any os us ‘in situ’ (we tand to take sights and not each other), he grabbed the iPad and bgan clicking away.


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