The next morning I was hobbling around – with weight and volume in mind – I’d only packed one pair of sandals and all this walking was just too much for them. The soles parted company from the uppers. Our friendly guide whisked us through a Chang Mai market (I ignored the live frogs for sale) to a cobbler on the side of the road, who repaired them in a matter of moments. Now, living in Europe I miss this kind of instant, friendly and very cheap service seen frequently in Africa as well.

I was thrilled with the repairs for we were about to cram in 4 temples in a morning – so you will understand I’m now not sure which is which. According to the itinerary, I’ve seen the Wat Chedi Luang, the Wat Phra Sing including the city pillar in a temple complex.

I was not allowed into the City Pillar because I’m female, as a very embarrassed guide explained to me. In Buddhism? I was quite taken aback. Back to that doctrine of women being unclean part of the time. I was still trying to work out even the most basic principles of this religion, and to be honest I left the Far East none the wiser. Sad, because I’d hoped to learn so much more.

I lent my iPad to the guide and he fired off these shots for me.

In one of the temples I got a blessing from a monk and then his female assistant tied a piece of white cotton on my wrist. I was told the monk was not allowed to actually touch me.img_3872

In the bizarre history lesson today we wave goodbye to William. Remember he was 63 when he climbed up on the throne, so he only reigned for 7 years – honestly, after waiting all that time poor guy and he was 71 when he popped his clogs. Now despite siring or begetting, whichever you prefer, at least eleven illegitimate children we know about, he couldn’t just hand the throne to any of them – simply not allowed under British law. So the nearest relative was the daughter of a woman he particularly disliked. They even had a stand up row in the middle of a royal banquet. Her name was Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, a widowed German princess with two children who had been rushed into a marriage with the fourth and youngest of George III’s sons, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Streathearn, when it was suddenly noticed there wasn’t anyone to come after William.


Standing up at the dinner table William said, in a very loud voice:- “I trust to God that my life maybe spared for nine months longer … I should then have the satisfaction of leaving the exercise of the Royal authority to the personal authority of that young lady, heiress presumptive to the Crown, and not in the hands of a person now near me, who is surrounded by evil advisers and is herself incompetent to act with propriety in the situation in which she would be placed.”

This is a pic of Mummy

There are absolutely no prizes for guessing who was coming next.

Self-publishing and the snobbery issue

This made me sit up!! So much truth here.


I work with all different types of authors, those who are hoping to secure a publishing deal, those who are chasing the self-publishing dream and even a couple who have gone on to secure a deal wit…

Source: Self-publishing and the snobbery issue


I work with all different types of authors, those who are hoping to secure a publishing deal, those who are chasing the self-publishing dream and even a couple who have gone on to secure a deal with one of the big five (or six, or whatever it is). Some of these writers are brilliant, some are really talented, some are steady, dependable story tellers who can spin a good yarn, some aren’t that great, some have accepted help and advice and have improved in leaps and bounds, a few I have advised to go right back to the drawing board and there have…

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I thought for day 3 I should choose a saying about books – there are lots to choose from, and it was difficult to decide – so I’m going to cheat and inlcue 2.

Yes, it’s Dorothy Parker again –

“This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.”

I guess she didn’t like it?

And from Will(iam Penn Adair) Rogers

“When you put down the good things you ought to have done, and leave out the bad ones you did do – that’s memoirs.”

How many of us cheated just a little bit on our memoirs I wonder?

Living Planet Index Report in Pictures

When will we realize there are too many people on this planet to co-exist with all the other species who share it with us?


Global wildlife populations will decline by 67% by 2020 unless urgent action is taken to reduce human impact on species and ecosystems, warns the biennial Living Planet Index report from WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and ZSL (Zoological Society of London). From elephants to eels, here are some of the wildlife populations most affected by human activity.


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Day 2 and I must admit I am cheating a little here as I resorted to my book of famous quotations.

Today’s quote comes from a heroine of mine whose wit was legendary, if more than a little acerbic. And yes, I guess the following is a little cruel, but you can’t help but giggle. If only one had the repartee to be funny all the time.

It’s by Dorothy (Rothschild) Parker – now if I’d known what her middle name before now, I’d had comprehended she had less to worry about than most of us – think of all those endorsements on her books – BookBub would have snapped up all her submissions in an instant!

On being told of the death of President Calvin Coolidge her reply was

“How can they tell?”

A simple four words. Impressive.




If the fairy gave me three wishes, then one would be to have my name in a book of famous quotations: remembered and repeated long after I am gone.

for the first quote today, one I never forget:

Man is born free, but is everywhere in chains.

Thank you Sharon Brownlie for nominating me. Check out Sharon’s books

especially Betrayal

which is a really great read – about a young girl who fell through the cracks and evemn though her behavious was reprehensible, she had good cause for her anger.








Now, if you are on my mailing list (just drop me an email and I’ll add your name – sorry, but I don’t know how to put a button on here) and you will find out what is going on behind the scenes. It’s very serious and I am very worried indeed, so it might be a good idea to sign up and find out about the legal action I am now involved in through no fault of my own.

But here I just want to share with you the beginning of my new book which is on pre-order until Thursday when it is launched and will be free on KU and $2.99 to buy.

Here is the link which I’m hoping you will click (one can but hope).


And, if you’re not sure if you’ll like it, here is the opening, read by my editor / actress and film maker Gabi Plumm.

You will have to click on this link as well.

If you’ve not had the pleasure of meeting Amie yet, she was once a timid little housewife, who went to live in Africa and her story is told in Amie an African Adventure. She gets into trouble with an army colonel and then civil war breaks out.

In book 2 she goes off in search of the child she’d fostered and meets up with an international terrorist organization in Amie and the Child of Africa.

In book 3, she gets herself into even more trouble and … I don’t want to spoil it.


Can I ask you all to please share? Would be really, really grateful.


I was going to post this in a blog, but thought more people might see it here. As it’s All Saints Day I want to thank so many people who have been such a help to me through social media. Primarily, in alphabetical order: –
Tom Benson who set up my web page for me all those months, possibly years ago. I’m going to try and upgrade it soon when I’ve learned a little more. But Tom, that address is on all my promotional pens and I think a lot of people have visited it. Thank you for your patience with a techie idiot.
Sarah Jane Butfield who always steps in at the last minute and does a great job in helping with promos. She has contacts all over the place.
Mike Cavanagh who replied to my sad post when I couldn’t share one of my radio interviews as I didn’t have the URL link and then offered to make a video up for me. Soon I hope to get it posted on uTube. Thank you Mike for your patience and all your hard work.
Here is the link so you can see what a great job he did. Ah, anmother techie problem, I can’t find a link for it. Mike! help!
Julie Haigh who is a whizz on Goodreads and makes sure my books are up there and in other useful places. She’s always ready to lend a hand.
To Gabi Plumm the best editor of all and who then recorded extracts from all my Amie books I could use in promos, such amazing talent. She’s off to America with her award winning films and I wish her all the best.
To all my beta readers I appreaciate the time you took checking out the problems and typos.
There are a host more people I’m connected with and my sincere thanks for buying, reading and reviews the books I scribble. – Maybe I will do a cut and paste into a blog, so even more people see this. Thank you everyone.