We finally fell back through our front door last Saturday night after a fantastic week in Florida. We were suffering a bit from jet lag, and DH brought an extra 5 million or so little visitors home too. As a result he’s been sleeping upright ever since. I’ve tried to tell him that’s a small price to pay for being married to an award winning author – he looked less than impressed.

“And a medal winning author at that!” I exclaimed waving the medal in his face. He grunted and reached for the tissues.


Secretly I think he’s quite chuffed and I’m not only thrilled, I’m amazed and flattered and re-energized and I still can’t believe it. It’s such a thrill to think that faceless judges, half a world away, think my writing is worth awards.

A silver medal for Walking over Eggshells in the Inspirational category non fiction and an Honourable mention for Amie an African Adventure. (Personally I think the bright green sticker rf-aimie-1-hon-mention-low-resprettier than the silver one) but Honourable comes after bronze, so she did well too. (Probably much to Amie’s disgust as I shall certainly continue writing about her and putting her through even more horrendous situations).

We stayed at the hotel where the function was held and they ran a shuttle to the Miami Book Fair in downtown Miami. We met up with another writer who – now wait for this – used to teach at the same school in Benghazi, Libya as I had. How likely is that? To meet up in the United States – and as the school wasn’t all that large, there could only have been a couple of dozen teachers there at any one time at the most.

We both drooled at the Readers Favorite book display which was selling copies of our books for St Jude’s charity.


And we also had them on display at the reception desk at the hotel. I threw in a few pens and they disappeared so fast!  (Several of the waiters had them stuffed in their pockets, but you never know, someone might look and log on and buy).

On the Fridbooks-at-hotel-deskay evening we sat and listened to several presentations from major players in the book industry, and I tried to get my head around how I can do all these sort of marketing things from rural Spain. Not so easy, there’s the language barrier for a start.

The event itself was great, with the presentation, the interviews and the pictures.

The extra cherry was talking to and interacting with other authors – book people who breathe, sleep, dream and obsess over books – just like me. Sometimes you sit and wonder who cares about books, with computer games and Xboxes and movies and other stuff like that for leisure time – but they are still out there!

I met authors from all over the world and we swapped information and ideas and networked liked crazy.

All in all a fabulous trip, made even better by travelling up to Tampa to stay with a reader I met on Facebook – who organized something very special for me, but more on that next week.

PS  I sneaked a pic of DH in there somewhere – did you notice?

As usual I got carried away while writing this and forgot to mention links to my books etc. So if you want to find out what all the fuss is about you may like to check out a few.   Walking over Eggshells      Amie an African Adventure       Amie and the Child of Africa   Amie Stolen Future     Truth, Lies and Propaganda      More Truth, Lies and Propaganda                  Unhappily ever After

25 thoughts on “AWARDS IN MIAMI

    • Thank you Ann, it was also so lovely to be in the warm for a few extra days, the weather had just turned here as we left, and now we’re back in the pouring rain – sigh – but it was a great trip 🙂


  1. I’m truly disappointed they only gave you a Silver Medal for Walking Over Eggshells. it’s worth a Gold every day of the week.
    Glad you had a good trip and met so many great people. I hope it does something positive for your sales.
    Poor Amie, after what you’ve just put her through, the prospect of more terrors is, well, terrifying. Still, she’s gained a lot of experience and competence and is in danger of becoming a worthwhile agent, so it’s probably right to keep going. I’ll look forward to seeing how she develops and what other scrapes she can get herself into and out of. 🙂

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    • Yuo say the nicest things Ian 🙂 I really don’t mind getting a silver – thrilled to get that, as the gold winner, as I understand it, is a quadlaplegic who wote about her life. She certinly deserves it.


      • Being a crock myself and having grown up with a brother wearing leg irons and using crutches to walk as a result of polio, I don’t see quadriplegics of other handicaps as justification for preference. A little more common courtesy like opening doors for them, perhaps, if it makes things easier for them to participate equally, but no special pleading. They are able to compete with the rest of us on equal terms when it comes to writing skills, story telling and so on, So I hope she wrote a real stormer of a book to be worthy of the Gold ahead of you. Your book is brilliant!

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      • What can I say? I think Stolen Future is possibly the best book yet, I’m a bit more into the swing of book things – I hope! Not sure I could put a good script together as easily now 🙂


  2. What a beautiful way to end the year. Congratulations!!!! We as writers can and probably do dream of being recognized for our work on such a high level but to actually have it come to fruition must be a glorious moment. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year fill with love, joy and success. :o)

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