I was going to post this in a blog, but thought more people might see it here. As it’s All Saints Day I want to thank so many people who have been such a help to me through social media. Primarily, in alphabetical order: –
Tom Benson who set up my web page for me all those months, possibly years ago. I’m going to try and upgrade it soon when I’ve learned a little more. But Tom, that address is on all my promotional pens and I think a lot of people have visited it. Thank you for your patience with a techie idiot.
Sarah Jane Butfield who always steps in at the last minute and does a great job in helping with promos. She has contacts all over the place.
Mike Cavanagh who replied to my sad post when I couldn’t share one of my radio interviews as I didn’t have the URL link and then offered to make a video up for me. Soon I hope to get it posted on uTube. Thank you Mike for your patience and all your hard work.
Here is the link so you can see what a great job he did. Ah, anmother techie problem, I can’t find a link for it. Mike! help!
Julie Haigh who is a whizz on Goodreads and makes sure my books are up there and in other useful places. She’s always ready to lend a hand.
To Gabi Plumm the best editor of all and who then recorded extracts from all my Amie books I could use in promos, such amazing talent. She’s off to America with her award winning films and I wish her all the best.
To all my beta readers I appreaciate the time you took checking out the problems and typos.
There are a host more people I’m connected with and my sincere thanks for buying, reading and reviews the books I scribble. – Maybe I will do a cut and paste into a blog, so even more people see this. Thank you everyone.

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