Gabi Plumm has put up the opening of the first in the series, Amie an Africa Adventure on uTube. When I listened to it I thought – goodness, did I write that!

The first of my video/audio excerpts for Lucinda E Clark’s books is here.
The one is for Amie, An African Adventure a book that is available on Amazon here:
Here is the link to You tube and the first-ever published audio/video for this book.:
Have a listen then get this great adventure thriller.
You won’t be disappointed.

Amie an African Adventure
Just an ordinary girl, living in an ordinary town, with nothing but ordinary ambitions, Amie Fish is plunged into hot water when her husband gets posted to a country she’s never heard of. Amie’s ability to adapt and make a life for herself in equatorial Togodo, lands her in more trouble that she could have imagined, her life is threatened and everything she holds dear is ripped away from her.

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