Funnies on Facebook this week –

Anyone for a laugh?

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

My thanks to all those who have shared funnies this week on Facebook and I hope you enjoy.


Angela Fish and Pun Based Humour

catherine-jenkins-clean-food-crushCatherine Jenkins and Fresh Food Crush

ciara-ballintyne-with-i-declare-shenanigansCiara Ballintyne with I declare Shenanigans

jan-moore-with-purple-cloverJan Moore with Purple Clover

john-beck-with-just-plain-funnyJohn Beck with Just Plain Funny

mel-johnson-with-kirk-dickinsonMel Johnson and Kirk Dickenson

tania-meacher-with-awakening-peopleTania Meacher and Awakening

If you have enjoyed please feel free to hit a few share buttons on your way out the door.. thanks Sally

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