7 thoughts on “Thunderclap for “Objects in View”

    • Sadly I’m not off back to Africa. The medics won’t let me go because I have a suppressed immune system to maintain my transplant. That means I’m more than susceptible to Africa’s bugs. I survived them all for thirty years, though, and still have plenty of unexplored places in all my notebooks, so I’m about to embark on adventure in the form of another book about the Congo jungle. Reliving all that will have to satisfy my craving.

      I’m looking forward to Amie 3. When is it due out?

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    • There’s only one thing for it, Lucinda. Like me you’ll have to go there in the pages of your writing and in your memories. The great thing about that sort of travel is you don’t need a visa and are not dependent on airlines schedules or stroppy border guards! šŸ™‚
      I’m off to the deep jungle again this week as I’ve just started a new book about the Congo forest. Plenty there to keep me interested.


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