*Amie An African Adventure*by Lucinda E. Clarke


Amie an African Adventure.jpgAimee An African Adventure is an enjoyable read.

Jonathon was disappointed with his wife’s lack of enthusiasm regarding his promotion. Although, Jonathon could understand Amie’s negative reaction; he still thought, though, that she could have conjured up a bit of excitement about moving to Africa with him. Begrudgingly, Amie accepted the fact that to be with her husband; she’d have to leave England and relocate to a third world country, where women were considered less valuable than men.

One of the many distressing things that the young couple had to learn while in Africa was that deception was not only a common practice but an acceptable one as well. Amie, unwillingly found herself caught in the middle of a political corrupt activity while in Africa. To her horror, she ended up fearing for her life. Freedom, she would discover did not mean the same thing in Africa as it did…

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